Digital Device Support


LMC staff



LMC staff



LMC staff



LMC staff



LMC staff


If no one else available and urgent situation, contact the Principal in charge of technology (x4????)

Or the main office (x4-3601)

Technician Kelly Schuppener @ LaFollette District Tech Services: 3-5853

Digital Learning Coach Scott Fernholz @ Doyle ✉

CB Not Working

  • Press power button to shutdown and restart computer
  • Student brings CB to LMC or teacher calls for tech support (TS) according to who is available
  • TS checks CB to see if easy fix, if not...
  • Student receives a loaner CB checked out from LMC
  • TS fills out work order
  • If long-term loaner needed, student does not return CB at end of day and charges/stores at home. Will be recorded in LMC.
  • If CB purposefully damaged, follow BEP protocol, student may use a crummy replacement if tech required (see Device Damage Flowchart)

CB Not Charged

  • Plug in CB
  • Have a student partner up with another student
  • Have student do written work on paper and transfer to CB later
  • Wait until CB charged--Drop off/Pick up during passing times

CB Missing

  • Report CB missing as soon as possible to Principal and/or LMC!
  • Email sent out to all staff to be on look out for it
  • If student at fault, consult abandoned device procedure below
  • If student not at fault, receive CB for temporary use from LMC

CB found unattended (bus, hallway, etc.)

  • CB brought to LMC and returned to student

CB Not Returned to Homeroom

Abandoned Device Procedure





1st offense

Loss of Chromebook for class period

Quick conversation

Classroom Teacher

2nd offense

Loss of Chromebook for 1-2 days, dependent upon situation

Restorative conversation with Chromebook Expectations during lunch/after-school reflection and written up in Oasys - hit notify all teachers


3rd or higher offense

Loss of Chromebook for 1 week, returned after family conference

Collaborative problem solving conference


CB Damage

Device left at home (Loaner)

New Students

Registrar does:

Ms. Grant does:

  • Send Kelly (Tech) a work order
  • Provide student agreement orientation and CB introduction
  • Have student sign agreement (English, Spanish)
  • Secure bag and CB labels
  • Checkout CB to student
  • Add student to spreadsheet
  • Change number on homeroom cart

Student does (with Ms. Grant):

  • Agreement orientation and signature
  • Receive CB and bag
  • Receive CB introduction

Each Teacher does:

  • Teach student routines for CB use in their individual class
  • Add student to Google Classroom
  • Push out apps/extensions used in class

Kelly (Tech Services) does:

  • Secure new CB
  • Add cord in HR cart
  • Get extra bags

Exiting Students

When person knows a student is leaving--Sometimes parent notifies ahead of time

System for checkout? Signature collection?

Paul Chotlos

  • Adding collecting chromebook into check out process
  • Mark in spreadsheet
  • Student’s chromebook goes to the LMC