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Walkthrough for Endowed
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Chapters 1-5 v0.3.8

Thanks for downloading and playing Endowed.

This walkthrough will guide you through the recommended path by getting with every girl possible in one playthrough.

As always, it’s recommended that you play the game without the guide first to get the full experience, but hey, you do you.

Every choice affects dialogue, but this walkthrough will focus on the long term choices.

It will also help with choices affecting character points.

* Fuschia - recommended path

^ Purple - additional content/endings

+ Blue - character points

$ Teal - causes a pregnancy

*  ^ + $ symbols added for those unable to discern the colors.

Chapter One

Characters Introduced

Allison - appears in the prologue. She is your long-term friend. The two of you have never dated because she is friends with your ex-girlfriend Kat. She is helpful, and you will remain in contact and can try to convince her to come to visit you at some point.

Kassie - think of her as a gatekeeper. She is your go to. Your wingman. Your assistant.

No matter how you treat her, she will still be on your side. However, if she likes you, she will go out of her way to help you out.
Treat her with respect and honesty and you will get along just fine. Extra points for humor and sarcasm. You can low-key flirt with her, but she does not appreciate being hit on.

Jasmine - the lawyer. Difficult to read, but she seems helpful and has a fondness for your uncle that she carries over to you.

Sofia - the sarcastic bartender. She can be helpful.

Jimmy the DJ - worth befriending. While not quite the gifted wingman that Kassie is, he means well and can provide a different perspective with his advice.

Larry - head of the casino. He doesn’t seem too pleased to hear that you might become his boss.

The woman sitting to my right catches my eye.

  1. Introduce yourself +

Put your best foot forward.

  1. Listen to the reading

Kassie: I can’t believe he’s gone.

  1. Joke around +

  1. Act professional

Kassie: Like me? What about me?

  1. Girls as pretty +

  1. Girls as sexy

Kassie: Did you party? Drink a keg of beer to yourself every weekend?

  1. Pretty much.

Choose this option if you enjoy a good drink. Especially if you’re turning this into a drinking game. Every time you drink in the game, take a drink of your own? Don’t die!

  1. I was a good student.

Minimizes the drinking in the game. Choose this option if you aren’t an alcoholic. Or if you are. I don’t want to trigger anyone!

Kassie: I’m talking about intention.

  1. Well I intend to compliment you. +

Earns you the most points.

  1. Well I intend to flirt with you.

  1. Well I intend to kiss you.

Kat (text message): Want to meet up for dinner to catch up?

  1. Agree to meet up *

Sets up a date

  1. Keep her waiting

Keeps things between you as friends

Chapter Two

Characters Introduced

Maurice - while you don’t get off to a great start, he is a good friend and ally to have if you give him a chance.

Raya - If you befriend Maurice, he will introduce you to Raya and she will give you her number. You will be able to take her out in Chapter 4.

Hannah - an aspiring stripper. You can choose whether or not to try to take advantage of her during your interview. One-off character. Or should we bring her back?

Karen - the head of Human Resources. Your first meeting will vary depending on how you acted toward Hannah.

Gabriela - your first love interest of the game. She’s cute, she’s sweet, she’s innocent. As of now, there aren’t many options with her story, but that will change in the next update.

Crystal - Gabriela’s friend.

Jade (stripper) - she might not make a good first impression, but later she will prove to be a sweet girl.

Diamond (stripper) - although she seems nice enough, Kassie warns you that she is a shark.

You: Your name is… (talking to the bouncer)

      3. James *

Maurice: There’s a great place two blocks from here.

  1. Make friends with him *

He’s a good friend to have. Also required to meet Raya.

  1. Fuck this guy

Talking to the redhead at the Ramen place.

  1. Follow Maurice’s advice *

        Gives you Raya’s number

  1. Do your own thing

Girl: Hey, are you the manager?

  1. Yes +

Note: This set of choices gets you a BJ, but also gets you in (temporary) trouble with Kassie and Karen from HR.

  1. No

Hannah: Do you mind if I keep going?

  1. Please do. +

  1. Not necessary.

Hannah: Excellent!

  1. Offer her the job

  1. Tell her to leave her information +

Hannah: You know Stacy, right?

  1. Yes +

  1. No

Total sex scenes available:

Hannah (BJ) in club office

Gabriela (BJ) in bedroom of penthouse

Chapter Three

Characters Introduced

Mia - the main bartender in the speakeasy. She seems quiet at first, but might open up.

Kat - your ex-girlfriend. She informs you that she is currently seeing someone and will appreciate it if you respect that.

Kassie: I’m not sure I ever noticed this door.

  1. Truth

  1. Doubt +

Call her out.

  1. Lie +


        Who doesn’t notice a door?

Kat: So, was it worth it? What was your inheritance?

  1. Tell her the basics

  1. Tell her everything +

At dinner

  1. Find out more about Kat

  1. Talk about old times +

Kat: You do still want to be friends, don’t you?

  1. Sure. *

Gives the option to date again later, otherwise downgrades you to friends

  1. Actually...

Chapter Four

Characters Introduced

Rose - works at the police station as an analyst. She overhears your conversation with the detective and offers to help you.

Kassie: What do you want?

  1. I’m the boss

Although there are undertones of a dominant/submissive vibe in this choice, it is really meant for you to decide your level of interest in the day to day running of the club.

If you dig the scenes where you are working at the club, choose this option.

If you are here more for the characters and sex scenes, feel free to choose option two.

The only real difference with Kassie is that she might talk a bit more shit in option two, but will call you “sir” in option one.

  1. You can run the club

At the police station:

  1. Turn around *

This is where you meet Rose.

  1. Keep walking

Diamond: What if I want to torture you back?

You: You could torture me with…

  1. ...kindness. +

  1. ...your singing. +

  1. ...a blowjob.

This choice ends the Diamond path.

Diamond: Even ground, huh? Good.

  1. Try to get to know her +

  1. Flirt with her

  1. Leave

Kassie: What do you want to do? (Assumes you met Raya)

  1. Go meet up with the redhead +

You don’t miss anything with Gabi by going out to meet Raya. But if you don’t go out, you will still see her again.

  1. Stay in with the girls

Kassie: It’s not like he died in those clothes.

  1. Wear nice clothes +

  1. Go with what you’re wearing

Raya: Come on!

  1. Insist on the speakeasy

  1. Show her the club +

Raya: Can I get on the stage?

  1. Sure +

  1. No

Dancing with Raya

  1. Kiss her +

  1. Ask if she wants a drink

Raya: You should know that you have a choice.

  1. I want you now

If you fuck her, you’ll still see her again.

Choose this option if you only want to date her for the sex.

  1. You are worth waiting for

Choose this option if you would want to date her romantically.

Total sex scenes available:

Raya in the club bathroom

Gabi (handjob) in penthouse bedroom

Chapter Five

Characters Introduced

Rikyu - The Big Boss.

Rin - the boss’s daughter. She’ll act as your point of contact with the Yakuza.

Charlotte - Kassie’s roommate. You have the option to help her and Kassie move to get to know her better.

Jazz - one of the dancers at the club.

Ashlyn - a girl you meet while out at a bar with Jimmy the DJ.

Rikyu: What’s it going to be?

  1. Stay seated *

  1. Leave ^

Takes you to the ‘Screw This I’m Going Home’ path. In it, you turn down the club life and head home, giving the option for a total of 9 possible endings. The walkthrough can be found below.

Rikyu: Take a stack of cash on your way out.

  1. Take a few bills

  1. Take a big stack *


        If you’re going to sell out, go big.

Kassie: My roommate will be doing a lot of moving over the next few days.

  1. Offer to help *

Spend the afternoon getting to know Kassie’s roommate Charlotte better. This gets you closer, but you’ll still get the chance to know her either way.

  1. Do not help

Stay at the club with Sofia the bartender and get to know Jazz the dancer. Neither option locks you out of any relationships, only individual scenes.

To get the most content in one playthrough, offer to help and get an introduction to Charlotte, but don’t stick around and you can still make it back in time to catch Sofia and Jazz’s content.

Do I call the cops?

  1. Call Rose *

This leads to a split where you can choose whether to align with the Yakuza or attempt to take them down. You can still choose later, but calling Rose gives you the choice.

  1. Forget it

Charlotte: I bet Kassie will be so impressed, you’ll convert her into liking dick.

  1. Talk shit *

Recommended path, as you get to know Charlotte better. However, if you’d rather make your relationship with her antagonistic, you could always…

  1. Leave her

Put her in her place!

Charlotte: Please tell me you meant that to be dirty, at least?

  1. Offer to help

You’ll score more points with Kassie and Charlotte both here, but if you’ve been following this guide, you won’t need them.

  1. Don’t bother *

    This takes you back to the club, giving you the most content.

When meeting Ashlyn at the club, the choices are mostly only differences in dialogue. The important thing is to kiss Ashlyn, or at least attempt to, if you’re interested in dating her later. This happens again in the preview of Chapter Six.

I’ll post more about the scene with Jazz when it’s finished and updated, as well as the added scenes for the Going Home path below.

Total sex scenes available:

Lapdance and titty fuck with Jazz at the club (In final update)

Fuck around with Jasmine your lawyer at the yacht
End the night with Gabriela and Crystal

The ‘Screw This I’m Going Home’ Path

What happens when you turn down the club and head home?

Back home you’ll have the option to reconnect with Allison and Kat.
If you decide not to, you can get to know Gabriela better.

Allison: So what do you say?

  1. Sure! *

Continues your night with Allison

  1. No thanks ^

Takes you to Gabriela’s content

Allison: So you think things between you and Kat are over?

  1. Yes

Choosing yes lets Allison not feel guilty for hooking up with you

  1. I’m not sure

This choice makes her decide not to step between you

Allison: I’m cumming! (Sex with Allison)

  1. Warn her *

Keeps Allie nice and unpregnant - Path One

  1. Cum inside her $

Knocks her up - Path Two

You: Are you sure you’re okay with it? (With Kat)

  1. Flirt *

Needed to date Kat

  1. Be sincere


        You won’t date her on the side

Kat: You could kiss me.

  1. Kiss her *

Date Kat on the side

  1. Decline

Be loyal to Allie

Sex with Kat

  1. Cum on her tits *

Same as the previous choice with Allison

  1. Cum inside her $

        Knock up Kat

Allison: What do you think? Would you want to do anything like that again? (Path One)

  1. Whatever you want ^

Skips the threesome - but gives you an ending with Allison

  1. Of course *


Allison: What do you think, boyfriend? Would you be alright with that?

  1. Sure *


        Puts you onboard with the girl on girl action

  1. No

        Girl on girl? Yuck!

Kat: Come on! Focus on your woman!

  1. Warn them *

You get the idea now.

  1. Say nothing $

Pregnant! Damn, how potent were those pills?

Total sex scenes available:

Gabi (titty fuck)
Allie (sex, BJ, threesome)

Kat (sex, BJ, threesome)


  1. What do the character introduction notifications mean?

The notification tells you when a girl will be a major character in the game. Usually, you will have the option to date the character seriously and possibly marry her down the road.

  1. Can I still date any of the side characters?

        Yes, they just won’t have quite as much content.

  1. Will I be able to fuck every girl in the game?

But pretty much. Or, ya know, her sister.

  1. Will any of the guys cockblock me?

Not directly, no. While Maurice and James might still get with some of the girls in the game, those girls will be introduced as their girls from the beginning. They won’t take any of your girls.

Both guys will, however, help you in your quest to find more girls.

  1. Can I choose to not date any of the girls?

Definitely. If you don’t like a girl, don’t date her. Gabriela is the only exception currently, although you will have the choice to stop dating her in the future.

  1. What aspects of your other game Hypnosis can I expect here?

Breast expansion, ass expansion, cock growth, harems, pregnancy.

  1. How will those themes be implemented compared to Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is meant to be based more on science than magic. Hypnotizing the girls was able to make their minds enable their hormones to do things like grow their boobs bigger. The powers of hypnosis were exaggerated but still based on concepts found in sci-fi as opposed to fantasy. There is an attempt to obey the laws of physics, for example, a girl cannot grow bigger without it coming from somewhere, and changes take time. This limits the influence of the watch, and makes things like gender change and shrinking (or growing) by several inches overnight impossible.

Endowed will work on similar principles, with “hormones” being vaguely used to explain most of it.

  1. So the girls will grow bigger boobs? Will this be optional?

Wish I could, but I want to avoid making double renders of every scene and animation as much as I can in order to keep coming out with updates as much as possible.
Some endings will offer the change to make the girls huge, and those will be optional.

  1. What kind of paths can I expect in the future?

Unlike the good vs. evil paths in Hypnosis, the paths in Endowed will be a bit more subtle. One of the main goals in Endowed is to find the “right girl” to consider marrying in order to inherit the strip club.

To do this, you will choose between the conflicting advice of Kassie and Jimmy.

Kassie’s advice is to be honest, positive and mature. Jimmy’s advice will be to follow the advice from the book “The Game” and essentially go out of your way to trick girls into sleeping with you.

Each girl you meet will react better toward one bit of advice vs the other.

In addition, there is also Maurice’s advice to consider. His advice works for both styles and helps out in general.

The two conflicting views will mainly come into play when it comes to winning over a girl initially, but there will also be times when it will be needed to maintain a relationship and take it to the next level.

  1. Where can I go to find out more about the game?

The best place for news and information is at

By supporting the game you can download updates 30 days early and have access to the game’s Discord.

Thanks for playing!