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77.5 PTs
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77.5 PTs

242. I am in pain from getting back in shape.  And it’s just walking.  It’s amazing how just walking - even only a total of 2.4 hours - can give me this kind of back pain.  Damn, getting old sucks.  The best way to get in shape at age 65 is not to have gotten out of shape to begin with.

243. As IBMs*, it’s about time to engage in some computational thinking before it’s too late.  Computational thinking looks at problems from all sides breaking them down into processes, looking for patterns, and solving them in a logical way.  Very introvert.  Beyond the current problem, you want to create systems or algorithms so anyone can solve similar problems.  It’s highly logical and linear.

244. Using 77 and Walkabout Solopreneur, you can turn your financial life around quickly.  Once you have something that works, it’s rinse and repeat and scaling up.  Sometimes you may have to incorporate some touchy feely strategies into your life, like meditation.  I use ho’oponopono with my adult daughter, and we have never connected so well.  Is that the reason?  I don’t know.  But it seems to work for me.

245. As affiliate marketers, we are always suckers for the next shiny object that promises riches with little or no effort.  Like the Princess, we kiss an awful lot of frogs looking for a Prince that never appears.  We constantly seek out new systems to reach new levels of potential success we have only dreamed of.

246. Every few years, we upgrade our computers, or at least our operating systems, to make our machines run faster and perform tasks better than ever.  Why don’t we do this for ourselves?  Conscious engineering is an operating system for the mind.  Most of the systems we employ today were thrust on us by others who lived in a different world. I grew up on meat and potatoes which dieticians preached to our mothers and schools who shoved the USDA food pyramid down our throats.  Now my research and study has led me to go vegan.  Once I saw some animal rights videos, radical vegan.  But these old systems also no longer work for jobs, marriage, work, or education.  Unless it’s a stepping stone to a professional career, or in a STEM field, what good is a Bachelor's Degree.

247. When old beliefs no longer conform with reality or serve your personal interests, you have a duty to let them go.

248. The quantum theory more or less explains ho’oponopono which I use for walking meditation.  Walking meditation should be central to WS, but I will leave that up to the individual.  It’s a valuable form of real multitasking, as well as focusing on deep breathing during these walks.  Most multitasking is bullshit.  These three things work together.

249. Each individual broadcasts a distinct energy pattern or signature.  This energy carries information.  This connection is a form of quantum enlargement.  What we do unto others we do unto ourselves.

250. Does prayer have an effect on patients?  A double blind study was done on 3,393 patients in hospitals with sepsis.  Half got prayer.  Half did not.  Prayer group had a marked decrease in hospital stays.  The number of deaths was not affected.  My thought was why did this hospital have 3,000+ cases of sepsis at once?  It didn’t.  This prayer was for patients that had the condition 4 to 10 years earlier.

251. If you pray for yourself, or cleanse using ho’oponopono, could it alter your past, present, and future?

252. AI: Practical Ho’oponopono.  Look up and link to Joe Vitale products on Clickbank.  Spin the article and post everywhere.  

253. Strategy is the overall planning you do before deciding on tactics.  Strategy is the architect of WS.  Unlike building a physical structure, however, your strategy involves following a path that can take unexpected twists and turns.  But the strategy is still to blaze the trail.

254. Tactics are the shiny objects.  Are you going to write articles?  Product reviews?  Create videos and podcasts instead?  Multipurpose your content?  Unlike building a house, the content you create tends to be reused over and over.

255. My first 77 cycle has to be all about writing and posting.  The 3,000 words a day can be repurposed into 3 - 6 ebooks in the second cycle with editing and research.  Right now, the blogs have to be built out and interconnected.  I need to go into control panel and start to look each day at hits and common visitors.  I don’t know my numbers.

256. Ho’oponopono will be a great spun article that is evergreen.  I remember they taught us this practice in Trusting You Are Loved workshops but did not mention the origin.  It’s simple, and it works.  One thing sad for IBMs* is working a lifetime to buy stuff for other people and being too manly to address the spiritual.  Include the origins with Dr. Kew in Hawaii.

257. Having the TV off, which I have used for years as background noise, increases productivity.  You can hear your ideas.

258. I will push WS beyond all reasonable limits.  Show me the money.  My daughter needs financial help for a leg up on her current situation.  No woman in the world is more important to me.  She needs my help financially and emotionally right now, and I don’t have the funds to pitch in.  I don’t want to be in this situation ever again.

259. You can create positive change just by installing a new belief system.  Your habits and systems for living are how you put you model of reality into practice.

260. Systems of living are easy to find and develop.  You can always learn and incorporate new ones into your life.  Think Stoic.  The problem is our Industrial Age and Post-Modern school systems haven’t kept up to date with the best systems for functioning in the world.  The trick is to recognize what systems you have running and do constant self-checkups to see which of your systems needs upgrades.

261. You can call this a practice of conscious engineering.  Or reinventing yourself often.  Growth as an individual depends on your model of reality and your systems for living.  Curate the best models and systems you can take into your life and reinvent yourself frequently.

262. Our models of reality were programmed by the world we grew up in.  I see it all the time early in the morning at McDonald’s.  Not showing up on time back in my IBM* youth would get you fired in a heartbeat.  At McDonald’s, the door are supposed to open to dine-in guests at 6:00 am.  They seldom do, because the morning shift has not shown up yet.  The overnight workers manning the drive thru window are itching to leave.  If McDonald’s can’t find workers and have them follow a great system, what hope does this generation have?

263. “By 2022, the minimum wage in California will rise to $15. But the owner of a Chick-fil-A restaurant in Sacramento plans to go ahead and raise the wages of his employees now, offering a huge bump to $17 to $18 from the $12 to $13 he pays now.” ~

264. In Jacksonville, I’m sure fast food workers are being paid shit wages.  What has changed is that in my youth, McDonald’s and Chick-fil-A and Burger King were not considered career positions.  They were a way to make money part time while you went to school.  Only managers had real wages, and those basically sucked too.  Store managers worked 50 to 60 hours a week on salary for not that much money when broken down by hours.  That doesn’t take into account how robots and artificial intelligence will decimate the fast food workforce.  Why pay $7 or $10 or $15 dollars an hour for a burger flipper when the robot works 24/7 with no health care benefits or days off?

265. I want to make WS a system that anyone who wants to take on Internet marketing can do so in whatever hours are available to the individual.  Creating good systems for marketing is tough in that the tools change, but the underlying concepts do not.

266. How long will it be before humans become redundant.  Think about store clerks.  When I know of something I want to buy like a vacuum cleaner, I go to Amazon.  I can examine the different brands and models and see which one I want to buy.  Walmart or Target may have what I want on the shelf, and they may not.  But it will take me 30 to 60 minutes to drive over and shop.  Some people prefer that - especially women.  I do not.  I don’t want to talk to a clerk (if you can find one) or lug the vacuum home.  With Amazon Prime, which I have, it will be on my doorstep tomorrow.  For most IBMs*, shopping is a task, not a sport.  I will let the Black Friday idiots fight each other for a cheap TV while I eat a few leftovers and watch football.  My goal is not to get the absolute best price on an item but to buy only those items I need to make my life better.  Amazon is taking over retail because it’s a better way to buy what you want.  Otherwise, like the old time five-and-dime, we would have to ask clerks behind counters to show us each item, like in current day jewelry stores.  (Woolworth stores were the first to put items on display tables for shoppers to inspect and purchase on their own.)


268. Robots are constantly being upgraded to take on more and more jobs in manufacturing, health care, and food service.  Some on the Left are pushing for Universal Basic Income as a way for robots to have jobs and for humans to live off the largess of the government.  Sounds like a path to slavery.  I think also that not all jobs and industries have been invented yet.  If you have UBI, that may take care of the dolts among us, but not please innovators.   AI is getting way advanced when newer computers have the ability to learn.  AlphaZero learned how to play chess in 4 hours, then beat world champion chess players using moves never seen before.  Watson must seem archaic today.  That’s why Walkabout Solopreneur is all about content creation, copywriting, and changing direction to bring out the best in human ingenuity.  Most young people today may end up in careers that haven’t been invented yet.

269. Are robotic sex toys next?  Some think sex between robots and humans is on the horizon, maybe as early as 2050.  Will blow up sex dolls riot and demand Universal Basic Income?  If robots take over fast food, bring you beer from the fridge, and blow you why you watch the NFL, why would you put up with a fat ass nag whose emotional needs you can never meet?

270. If sex between humans and robots replaces sex between two humans, are we headed for The Matrix.  Will babies be obsolete?  In this age of sexual harassment #metoo bullshit, you can see why some folks would feel that robot sex is safer than flirting with someone at work.

271. I’m finding that creating content for my blogs is getting easier and easier each day.  When I discover a good article, it’s simple to rewrite the main points geared toward how I can apply it to my life.  That way, I don’t have to go back and find it later.  Research once.

272. For iPTs, it’s becoming more difficult to follow W.G. Hill’s classic book, P.T: A Coherent for a Stress-free, Healthy and Prosperous Life Without Government Interference, Taxes or Coercion and his Five Flags system.  This libertarian manifesto shows you how you can live tax-free and out of government reach by “living nowhere.” This strategy involves moving out of the high-tax Western jurisdiction in which you currently reside and then traveling the world, never staying in one place long enough to become subject to any government’s taxing authority.  

273. For me, at age 65 and currently receiving benefits from Social Security, SSI, Subsidized dental care via Sulzbacher, Medicare, Medicaid, and even the City Contract for UF Shands Hospital in Jacksonville, I have the best medical and dental care I have had in my life.  As “prisoner” health care worker taking care of my mother, I do not have time to go out and take a regular job.  But if I did, I can only earn about $15,000 before I start losing some of my Social Security payments.  If I earned that amount, I would lose my dental and free health care and Medicaid which pays my monthly Plan B Medicare payment.  The system is designed to keep me dependent.

274. Governments around the world are cooperating to make living a PT lifestyle more difficult.  In my case, I could do it, but Medicare does not travel with you.  If I get sick, need an operation, or want my teeth fixed, I would have to visit the U.S. from wherever I was living.  Canadians in the U.S. often don’t become citizens so they can keep their benefits in Canada.  And they don’t have to be 65 to take advantage of that care.

275. A new campaign by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) to stamp out tax avoidance is called the “common reporting standard” (CRS) initiative.  CRS sets up a legal and technical infrastructure to facilitate automatic sharing of information from banks and financial institutions in one country to tax authorities in the country where clients of the financial institutions reside. More than 100 countries have already adopted CRS. CRS is an attack on the benefits of banking and doing business in low-tax jurisdictions.

276. I need to go back and look at all the shiny objects I’ve purchased and create ChkLines for each.  These can be put into emails for the list members to promote those products.

277. Uncle Sam doesn’t need CRS, because its Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) forces foreign financial institutions (FFIs) to send data on US investors to the IRS. FFIs that don’t cooperate with Uncle Sam must pay a 30% withholding tax on many types of US-source income and gross sales proceeds. They also risk being unable to make or receive transactions in US dollars which would strangle many international banks.

278. From what I can tell, the best place to start is with a Cook Islands trust.  The trust can then own assets around the world.

279. The OECD has declared that second passports and second residencies are a threat to the CRS. My daughter has dual citizenship.  Her mother was born in London.  The U.S. used to make dual citizenship difficult if not impossible.  And now the OECD has  resorted to blacklisting countries that have citizenship-by-investment (CBI) or residency-by-investment (RBI) programs, because these programs “potentially pose a high risk to the integrity of CRS.”  Nevis is maybe the best place for that type of program, but it’s not alone.

280. The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) has released a blacklist of 21 countries whose “golden passport” schemes threaten international efforts to combat tax evasion.  Three European countries – Malta, Monaco and Cyprus – are among those nations flagged as selling either residency or citizenship.  God bless them.  Who says that any nation has a duty to combat tax evasion or avoidance of citizens of another country?  And one nation’s evasion is another country lawful avoidance.

281. In exchange for contributions to a sovereign trust fund, or investments in property or government bonds, foreign nationals can become citizens of countries in which they have never lived, or where they live part time.

282.  The program operated by Malta is popular because as a European member state, its nationals, including those who are naturalized citizens, can live and work anywhere in the EU. The country has, since 2014, sold citizenship to more than 700 people, most of them from Russia, the former Soviet Union, China, and the Middle East.  I’m shocked the number is so small, but most investors don’t need jobs.  Of course, governments claim many of these individuals are criminals, but who knows?

283. Also on the OECD blacklist are a number of Caribbean nations that pioneered the methods for marketing of citizenship. These include Antigua and Barbuda, the Bahamas, Dominica, Grenada, St Lucia, and St Kitts and Nevis, which has sold 16,000 passports since relaunching their program in 2006.  But look at some of the hypocrisy of the elites.  In 2012, Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer was robbed at his vacation home on the Caribbean island of Nevis.  How many other government officials have homes there that could qualify for citizenship-by-investment,  Other names on the list are Bahrain, Colombia, Malaysia, Mauritius, Montserrat, Panama, Qatar, Seychelles, Turks and Caicos Islands, United Arab Emirates, and Vanuatu.

284. The OECD’s effort to punish low-tax jurisdictions raises numerous legal and ethical issues. First, there’s the inconvenient truth that an international legal framework exists that guarantees the right of human beings to relocate to another country. For example, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights states that “everyone shall be free to leave any country, including his own.”

285. The blacklist is hypocritical because it seeks to enforce a double standard because none of the CBI/RBI programs in OECD member countries are included. The OECD omitted the one RBI program designed specifically to defeat the CRS - that of OECD member Portugal. The program in Portugal offers high-net-worth individuals the opportunity to become tax-resident in Portugal while paying a different rate of tax than other Portuguese residents.

286. Individuals have a right to migrate to whatever country is willing to allow them to live there under whatever conditions that country offers. If the OECD wants to stop the migration of individuals from high-tax countries to low-tax ones, it should encourage its member countries to adopt more tax-friendly policies to their residents, and stop bullying the countries to which those residents are fleeing.  The U.S. taxes its citizens and permanent residents on their worldwide income.

~ Chaz