Review of Monday Standings at Round 13

For the all the Monday competitions, with the scores posted promptly it is exciting to see the ladder so close again for the end of the season. Being so means everyone still has to concentrate on the chance to take home a Trophy.

Monday Mixed Blue

Country Road has won the top slot already as they already played Dive Bar earlier in the season. Congratulation Country Road Stevo and team for a great season.

That leaves Tennis for Dive Bar in 2nd biting his nails as sitting ducks with Black Pagoda in 3rd gearing up for a win against Scruffy Murphy to move up.

But don’t stop there as the field is right up there too. All except SPM Mates, who already cemented a baseline slot, everyone else still has a chance to take home a Trophy.

Moonshine Oldies in 4th, with 1 game behind Black Pagoda with their sights on a 3rd slot They will be all out to beat SPM Mates. Mates elected to stand guard as anchorman for the ladder this season, but according to Khun Bob’s clear warning shot, they are by no means a pushover, Bob also said we should all have a good evening.

It is long shot for Scruffy Muphy to claw back a 13 games lead for 3rd but any lesser win by them gives Oldies a chance. Robert and team from Scruffy Murphy, have been known to walk on water and believe it is possible. Joe and team from also know Black Pagoda’s dark colour and magnetic power has been known to caused shipwrecks.

Monday Gold 8 Ball,

Sportsman Alcos have no more games and are the clear winners. Well done and congratulations Paul and the full Alcoholics team.  Thanks for showing us how to do it again and again and again.

As for Hustlers Ruthless Toddlers in 2nd,   they still, have a game to play, they cannot be shifted from the 2nd slot. Todd says sees the chocolate for 3rd is being guarded by Breakers Fun Pookies, but he will not make it a cookie run for them.

Keep In Touch Apple Squad, Moonshine Oldies Wolf pack, Sportsman BB Gun Marker Boys are also still in striking distance, So get your bets on with these interesting odds.

The Cool Minties from their cemented-in anchor spot will be proud to be the spoilers for KIT next week as will BB and Oldies going head to head.

Monday Red Mixed

This comp is even more exciting as it is interesting  The current fourth estate comprising, Hustlers Fun Hill Climbers, Sport Corner Stevedores, SPM Cobra Zulu Kings and Hideaway Jackbooters,  in that order, can each still reshuffle the deck to end up on top.

Making this even more exciting is the remaining catchup. The Sports Corner vs Cobra match tonight has bookies working overtime taking bets on this and the final results for next week.

Of the remaining 3 teams in the 5th column and below, Hangout Seanary will hold its ladder anchor position. Breakers Sun Toshibas and Hustlers Flyers Sambos, have clandestine plans to undermine each other to get on top of what is left as a 2 team race.

This wide-open field makes for a great finish to Monday season with round 14 still to go.

Good luck everyone but that may still not be enough. I suggest everyone keep practising.



Attached is the updated list of Monday and Wednesday comp catchup matches to go, together with the latest ladder at R13. Round 14 matches are shown on the right