Hagbourne Primary School PTA: Privacy Notice

The PTA collects and uses some personal data, mainly in order to communicate with parents and carers who sign up for PTA led initiatives. This document clarifies how and why we store and process data in accordance with the GDPR.

The PTA will


What personal data does the PTA collect, and why?

The PTA typically communicates upcoming events and requests for help to parents/carers through the Hagbourne Primary School newsletter/parentmail system. We do not store any contact details ourselves in order to do this.

We also post information on our Facebook group. The Hagbourne CE Primary School PTA Facebook group is a closed, moderated group to which users can request to be added. We will not post or allow posts that include personal information such as email addresses or mobile phone numbers.

PTA email distribution lists

Parents/carers can opt to receive information such as details of PTA events or meeting agendas/minutes by email. We will regularly ask parents/carers whether they wish to be added to or remain on these lists in order to keep them up-to-date. Email addresses are be securely stored and password-protected, and only the elected PTA committee members are authorized to access this information. Email contact details will not be shared with any third party without explicit permission.

We will delete these details at the request of the data subject or when their son/daughter leaves the school.

PTA events and fundraising activities

Events or fundraising activities organised by the PTA may occasionally require us to collect any or all of the following information:

If an activity requires us to pass any information to a 3rd party (for example, a firm supplying school tea towels or Christmas cards), we will ensure that you are aware of this, typically by requiring parents/carers to complete an order or booking form to be returned to the supplier.

We will delete any such data held by us once the event is over or the goods ordered are received, and will ensure that only those people with a valid reason to see it have access during the time it is in our possession.

Accessing your data

If you want to find out what data we hold about you, please contact the PTA (pta@hagbourne.oxon.sch.uk). We are happy to share it with you at any time and you can also ask us to delete your data from our records at any time.


If you have any questions regarding the PTA GDPR Policy, you can get in touch by contacting us at: pta@hagbourne.oxon.sch.uk.