Who are We?

We are proud to introduce our ISN faculty! Please ​click here​ to see their bio and photo!

RSU #57 has built a team of education professionals that is called the Instructional Support Network (ISN). The purpose of the ISN is to support students and teachers in addressing the academic needs of students.








●  We believe accelerated growth for students best happens through targeted supplemental instruction delivered by both the specialist and classroom teacher, working collaboratively to foster this growth.
●  We believe all students can make accelerated growth when connections are made between concepts, prior learning, strengths, interests, and learning styles.
●  We believe it is essential to regularly progress monitor all students to identify their needs and to make adjustments in teaching.
●  We believe all students can learn in a safe environment with clear outcomes and regular celebrations of learning.
●  We believe that a team approach, which includes open communication and collaboration between school and home, is essential for all students to meet their goals.                                         

                The ​School/Home Information Sheet​ provides families and others with information regarding Response to Learning (RTL). RSU 57 strives to ensure that all of our students achieve academic success. We have implemented a multi-tiered system to ensure interventions are provided to close the gap of a student performing below grade level. A child’s progress is monitored regularly and these findings are used to make decisions about instruction and learning supports. This additional support is to assist those students to keep up with learning in their classrooms.


Gifted & Talented/P.A.C.E.



An often overlooked form of intervention addresses the needs of our learners that need an extra challenge. The ISN also includes our ​GT/PACE​ coaches who work with teachers and students to challenge their thinking and take a deeper look into our world and what makes it work.