Hello Parents! 

 I am so thankful that you have chosen to seek out resources to help your children during these uncertain times.   The grade-level teachers have created optional enrichment packets for at home work to continue with their academic development.   Throughout this school year, all of the children have worked very hard to accomplish better speech and language skills to more effectively communicate with others.   As a parent, you can continue with their success at home as well.

I want to stress, the most important way to improve your child’s communication skills is to communicate with them.  When you share a story with them you can talk about the main idea.  Ask questions about the details of the story.  Make certain that they understand the vocabulary within the text.  Ask them to retell the story.  There are so many language-rich opportunities in each part of your day.

 All of you have a copy of your child’s IEP.  If the goals include saying a particular sound correctly, reinforce that sound at home.  If they say the sound incorrectly, have them watch how you produce the sound and have them try to say it correctly.  This is an opportunity to have an intentional effort to use their “good speech” at home as well.  If your child’s goals include using correct grammar, model good grammar at home and be aware of when they use the incorrect grammar and tell them the correct word or order of words to say.  You can do this!  

I am including a list of various websites that may be useful during this season of uncertainty.  There are educational-based apps that are beneficial as well.  If you search educational school-aged apps, there are several apps that are either free or offering free trials given the state of our national emergency.  You can refer to your student’s regular classroom teacher’s web page or packet of enrichment activities for additional resources.










If you have specific questions, you can reach me at my email:  martinje@daytoncity.net.  I would be happy to offer specific suggestions based on your child’s needs.   Stay safe and tell your kiddos hello.  I certainly miss them and will look forward to gathering again!

Jennifer Martin, M.A.CCC-SLP

Speech-Language Pathologist