DiscDOG seminar with Pam Martin

18th May 2020

Location: Citov (close to Olomouc) - same as a KDDF competition venue

It´s a whole day seminar, expected start at 10am, ending around 6pm with a lunch break during the day. But definite time frame will be announced later.

Participants with dogs: 10 teams (a dog + a person)

Auditors: 6 

Participation fee:

With a dog - 125EUR

Auditor - 45EUR

Seminar is held in English.

Same as previous years, the seimar is almost entirely focused on training with dogs. There are going to be individual rounds with dogs, where Pam will work with each team on anything they would like to do - improving a routine, improving a new trick… As we have learned, Pam has a sixth sense when it comes to creating a routine. Even in seemingly perfect routine, she can pinpoint weak spots and thus help to bring the routine to the next level. She is not only watching what a dog does. She is very observant when it comes to a player´s presentation and the way we move during the game.

But most of all, it is always LOADS OF FUN when Pam is around!

You can look forward to a seminar full of laughing and positive energy. Noone is allowed to play without joy when Pam is watching :D.  

“The key is to have fun while we are in seminar session. Fun while learning, everyone, ok? This is important to me. I call this Canine EnterTRAINment.”

Pam Martin

About Pam Martin: 

As a judge, Canine judging is her speciality. She has been judging Canine at the USDDN World Finals for many years.  

As a trainer, Pam does flyball a lot, but also canine freestyle etc. Furthermore, at the moment, she is one of the best dogfrisbee instructors when it comes to dogtraining.


Payment info will be sent to your e-mail after a registration.

Registration form 

Once registered, the spot is reserved until 28th February. After this date, not yet paid spots will be offered to teams on the waiting list and paid registrations take precedence.

Should you have any questions, don´t hesitate to contatct us at veronika.urbaskova@seznam.cz or at veronikaurbaskova@gmail.com.