Monday, February 18th – NO SCHOOL PRESIDENT’S DAY

Sports: none 

Other: none


Tuesday, February 19th

Sports: Girls VB @ Home 4:30pm; 6th Gr VB Red & White Teams 3:20-4:00

Other: Mustang Outreach 7:30am; Student Council in Ms. Funneman’s room 7:30am; Scholar Bowl practice 3:00-4:00pm; Illinois Math Contest in the computer labs @ 2:20pm


Wednesday, February 20th

Sports: none

Other: List of Mustang Happenings activities to Amy by noon; 8th Gr Orientation at the HS in the am; SMILES delivered during Skills class; SIP Meeting @ 7:30am


Thursday, February 21st

Sports: Girls VB @ Home 4:30pm; 6th VB Red & White Teams 3:20-3:55pm

Other: Scholar Bowl meet @ Altamont 4:00pm (bus leaves at 3:15pm)


Friday, February 22nd

Sports: none

Other: SMILES delivered during Skills class; Mustang Unity during Skills


Saturday, February 23rd

Sports: 7th Gr VB Regionals 10:00am-3:00pm

Other: none

Student Council has SMILES on sale during lunch hour 50₵ ALL WEEK!!!