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Banksy: Genius or Vandal? - Immersive Exhibition

COVID measures

Social distancing
Controlling the number of visitors

The number of visitors will always be strictly limited and controlled thanks to our reservation system and the timed entries.

Marks on the ground will remind you of the safety distances (6 feet between each person). Our staff will be there to ensure that social distances are respected and that everyone wears a mask.

A clear path with directions has been defined to handle the flow of visitors.

We rely on your caution and cooperation with others to respect the rules and avoid any groups of people from forming.

To facilitate circulation within the exhibition, we would like to ask you to avoid, when possible, taking bulky items with you, such as large bags.

Extra hygiene precautions
Masks, bathroom, hand sanitizer

It is mandatory to wear a mask inside the exhibition. We will distribute a mask for free at the entrance to all visitors who do not have one. Your cooperation and consideration towards your fellow visitors is greatly appreciated

We will place free dispensers of hand sanitizer inside the exhibition. We encourage you to use this gel as you enter and as you make your way through the exhibition

The bathroom facilities will be cleaned after each use.

Virtual Reality Experience

Headset rules, disinfection, disposable masks

We will limit the number of headsets used simultaneously.

Visitors must wear a mask in this area as well.

The equipment will be fully disinfected after each use. This is also applicable to chairs that have been used.

Each visitor will receive a disposable mask for the eyes (to avoid contact between the skin and the goggles).