Stonestreet III - Independent Studio Curriculum

This curriculum uses the tools generated in Stonestreet I and sharpened in Stonestreet II to hone students' knowledge of the business side of the entertainment industry. Students learn how events behind the scenes affect their ability and quality of work on screen. The semester also includes regular one-on-one meetings and workshops with faculty and industry professionals to guide each student towards his or her specialized career path.

Stonestreet III is offered in Fall, Spring and Summer II for 4-8 Credit Hours.

Stonestreet III also offers specialized programs for directors, producers, writers, and designers - and acting students who wish to broaden their experience and job potential behind the scenes and in front of the camera with courses and production experience in addition to or instead of an acting focus. This curriculum is set up on an individual basis and requires an interview with the Artistic Director and/or Managing Director.

Classes Offered:


Instructors: Stonestreet Staff & Faculty

Students develop and/or spearhead their own pilots, series, and films that they are featured in, direct and produce as a carry-over from their CYOM and S2S.  Original projects can be subsequently submitted to the festival circuit, used in actor reels, and showcased on Stonestreet’s platforms including ShortsHD.


Instructors: Stonestreet Staff & Faculty

In this course, students learn about the editor's eye - what do editors look for when making their cuts? Students then take this knowledge and apply it to the creation of their own personal reels, a valuable tool for any actor to have for the industry, containing the professional work they created in Stonestreet I and II.


Instructors:    Jennifer McCabe

Often the elements that are separating an actor from working a lot and getting offered roles is there ability to come in with character full blown to auditions and their work on day 1 of shooting.  This workshop creatively helps actors with where their personal weak spots on screen are and on stretching their ability do different types of continually different types of challenging characters each time they embark on a new screen role via character work that hones in on everything from physicality to rhythm and the psychology of each character in ways that are believable, organic and dramatic on screen.


Instructor: Patrick Keene

By working on combining USB improv skills for screen, development of imaginative ideas & stories to establish individual comedic characters and points of view, this class will facilitate creating comedic material.  The goal of class is to generate characters for screen, stand-up, self-made content, and potentially setting the groundwork for a pilot and/or sizzle reel.  If all goes well, part 2 can potentially be shooting sizzle reels to document the characters and scripts ideas.


Instructors:    Angel Desai, Ariel Shafir, Stonestreet Staff

Instructors work with students individually, to identify and work towards each student's specific and personal career goals. This class is tailored to fit each student's needs and desires, and might include the creation of internships, a review of work done thus far, a post-graduation plan, or any number of other projects.


Instructors: Guest Talent Agents, Casting Directors, Managers

This class allows the actor to continue to build upon the audition technique foundations laid in Stonestreet I and II, so they can effectively move into preparing and delivering auditions independently of the classroom setting. In addition to meeting new agents and casting directors students now have the opportunity to audition for managers, honing their business and self-marketing skills.  Students always meet new and different guest agents and casting directors from semester to semester.