Paraprofessionals Digital Learning

March and April 2020




RISE Overview

6 hours

Moodle Course

AMI Website Research

6 hours

Moodle Course

Steps to Access The Moodle Courses

  1. FPS Website- Explore
  2. Staff Resources
  3. Moodle Online Courses
  4. Login
  5. Username is your first name.last name (nandra.campbell)
  6. Password- this is your password for your email
  7. The left hand side of the page click on courses
  8. Select Classified Staff
  9. RISE Overview

Other Professional Opportunities:

Ditch That Textbook Digital Summit

Follow the link, set up an account, and begin learning.  Once you have completed the course, please keep up with your certificates, and notify your supervisor of completion of courses.