Informatics for Community Food Resilience

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2. Notes

Agenda for today includes updates on:

Qualitative research study: 

3 Interviews completed, 1 more later this week.

2 more have signed up.

Plan to tracking quotas via SurveyStack with the help of Greg Austic

What can farmers get out of this?

We have maps that accompany each of those farm-supporter interviews, and those will be released as early results.

Do the crop types matter?

Are researchers suitable for interviews?

Software for local foods:

Walked group through the variables map.

Currently evaluating about 28 software items across a set of variables derived from the software team expertise and other resources that are evaluating software for use by farmers and farm supporters.

Goal is to have a recommendation tool. Among other things.

Community Food Pathways:

Process Doc: 

Consumer focus. Currently putting together the process for community coordinators to do a mapping exercise

Rough process: you are the point person in your community to create a food map. Recruit 3-5 people to interview, interviews will seed the map itself. That determines the scope of the community fodmap, allows us to identify genres of sources and sinks of food, as well as identify specific critical actors in your community (potentially interview them if we need to). From there we can create both conceptual and geographic community food maps for use in different communities.

How do we determine the boundary for the map?

Can people at the food bank act as point people?