A Vision for the Future of Kalamazoo Christian Schools 2016–2020

Board endorsed May, 6, 2016 – Updated January 30, 2017

Our Mission: The Kalamazoo Christian Schools, in partnership with Christian families and churches, prepare students to serve God responsibly in His world by equipping them with knowledge, skills, and a biblical vision for life, for the advancement of His kingdom.

Our Core Values:

  • Place Christ is at the Center of Every Aspect of KCSA
  • Provide an Academically Challenging Environment
  • Educate the Children of Believers
  • Educate the Entire Child: Body – Spirit – Mind
  • Provide a Caring Community for all Students

Strategic Goals for Kalamazoo Christian Schools 2016–18

Goal # 1 — Financial Viability

To identify and implement opportunities and actions that will assure the long-term viability of KCSA

  • Top Priority – KCSA will conduct a debt reduction campaign, beginning spring 2016 with the goal of being debt free by 12/31/2020.  (If there are multiple goals to the campaign, debt relief must take priority.)
  • Second Priority – KCSA will develop a clear and transparent tuition schedule that addresses the issues of affordability and will be implemented for the 2017 – 18 school year.
  • Third Priority – KCSA will develop and implement a process for the High School facility that finalizes location and provides a renovation plan, including costs and funding.
  • Annually – KCSA will emphasize the following:
  • Balanced operational budget
  • A routine capital improvement process

Goal # 2 — Review of the Mission and the Governance Structure

To align the structure and purpose of the school’s governance with the mission of the school

  • Top Priority (Completed) - Reviewed the KCSA mission statement, especially the initial statement regarding “partnership” with home and church.  The Board endorsed the recommendation to keep the current mission statement intact through the next planning cycle.
  • Top Priority - Evaluate the administrative structure of KSCA in response to changes in enrollment, personnel, campus locations, educational trends, family church attendance and other factors that are impacting the school presently.
  • Second Priority - Determine the board structure, terms of office, size, recruitment and ongoing membership development, in order to serve KCSA most effectively.

Goal #3 — Educational Programming for the 21st Century Student

To assure that our students will discover and nurture their God given abilities and skills, which will enable them to flourish throughout their entire educational journey and prepare them for a lifetime of Christian service.

  • Top Priority - Use the Accreditation process and final recommendations (April 19–22) to investigate goals for educational programming.  One of these goals will be to provide dual enrollment (college credit) at the High School.
  • Second Priority - Investigate partnerships with other Christian schools in the areas of curriculum, programming (class offerings, Winterim, Exploratories), marketing, staffing (shared teachers), extra-curricular activities, human resources (accounting, web resources) in order to increase opportunities for learning and growth for KCSA students.
  • Annually - Review compensation to retain and recruit quality teachers  (competitive pay, increased incentive for long-term employees, implement surveys, attractive benefits).

Goal #4 — Strengthening Relationships

To build community and trust within the KCSA family (Staff, students, parents, supporters) and to increase the awareness of KCSA within the greater Kalamazoo area.

  • Top Priority - Create an open, transparent, consistent, and accurate process of communication for KCSA that includes:  Administration and Board (leadership), both campuses (consistency), Board (notes, finance information), KCS adjuncts (Foundation and Second Impressions), and articulation of our Reformed perspective on education
  • Second Priority - Create a marketing plan that includes branding, advertisement, recruiting, and communication, along with projected yearly costs.  Recommend staffing to support this goal.
  • Cultivate the alumni through communication, events, and celebration.  Recommend staffing to support this goal.
  • Embrace pastors and churches with continued activities and celebrations.  Consider incentives to achieve this goal.
  • Embrace and promote diversity in all forms as a reflection of God’s Creation and Kingdom.  Identify and implement strategies to achieve this goal while continuing to promote “Undeniably Christian – Academically Excellent” schools.