2nd Grade Interactive Activities

Many require flash and will not work on iPads


Literacy *

Science and

Social Studies


Think Math (TM)


Maths Dictionary

Multimedia Math Glossary


Gumball Surprise (TM)

Let's Compare (TM)

Numbers to 100 in Different Ways (TM)

Numbers to 1,000 (TM)

Numbers to 1,000 in Different Ways (TM)

Penny Prizes (TM)

Ordinal Number Match Up (TM)

Magnetic Numbers

Place Value Puzzler

Counting Machine

Line Jumper

Squiggly's Apples

Place Value

Dinosaur Place Value

Partitioning Numbers

Shark Pool

Short Vowels

Learn to Read

Missing Letters in Words

Word Unscramble

Long Vowels

Learn to Read

Picture Match - Long Vowels Sounds


Magnet Battleship

Magnets and Springs

Rocks & Minerals

Rock & Mineral Dictionary

Minerals in Your Home

Dig into Geology Word Search Activity

Name that Rock

Rock Glossary

Knowledge Nuggets

Community Animals

 Habitat Match Up

Animal Fun Page, PBS

Bird Games

Fish Games

Mammal Games

Reptiles and Amphibian Games

Number Sense

10 Less Shoot Out

Adding 9 Fairy

Line Jumper

Magnetic Numbers

Number Line

Octopus Game

Tables Shooter

Addition & Subtraction

Math Models: (by TM)

Add 3-Digit Numbers 

Add 1 & 2 Digit Numbers 

Add Two 2-Digit Numbers with Regrouping 

Add Two 3-Digit Numbers without Regrouping 

Add Two 3-Digit Numbers with Regrouping 

High-Rise Math 

Count Back Number Line 

Subtract 1-Digit Number from 2-Digit Number with Regrouping 

Subtract Two 2-Digit Numbers with Regrouping 

Subtract Two 2-Digit Number without Regrouping

Subtract Two 3-Digit Number with Regrouping

Subtract Two 3-Digit Number without Regrouping

Subtract to Compare (TM)

Using Subtraction (TM)

100 Hunt

100 Hunt +10

100 Hunt +9

100 Hunt +11

100 Hunt -11

100 Hunt -10

+5 Fuel Stop

Add 10 Sub Challenge

Add 'Em Up

Addition Sums 0-9

Addition Sums 10-18 Flashcards

Addition Sums 10-18 Matching

Addition - Number to 12

Addition - Numbers to 18

Catch 10

Count On Convict

The Dragon's Eggs

Doubles Cards 2

Fishing Addition

Fishing Subtraction

Funky Mummy

Helipad Hops

Missing Numbers

Problem Solving

Robin Hood Doubles Beyond 10

Power Football

Soccer Shootout

Subtraction - Numbers to 12

Subtraction - Two-digit Numbers to 100

Take It Away

Target Take Away

Techno Tortoise

Tic Tac Toe

Two Minute Warning: Add

Two Minute Warning: Combo

Two Minute Warning: Subtract


Letter Blends

R Blends Word Search


"ai" Vowel Team Hangman

Final CH Challenge

Final "CH" Picture Match-Up

Final "SH" Games

Initial CH Activities

Initial CH Hangman

Initial CH Picture Match-Up

Initial "SH" Word Jumble

Initial "TH" Games

TH Final Jumbled Words

TH Initial, Medial, and Final

TH Medial Games

TH Picture Match-Up

Vowel Digraphs


Initial "TH" Games








Synonym Match 1

Synonym Match 2

Super Synonym Match

Compound Words

Vocabulary Builders

Online Books & Activities

Online Stories

Poem Creator

Story Creator

Starfall Stories

Wacky Web Tales

Trees & Plants

Exploring the Secret Life of Tree

Interactive Activities

Fall Leaf Match

Trees of Eliot

Tree Hangman

The Lorax’s Save the Tree Game

Trees Through the Seasons

Exploring the Secret Life of Trees

Label the Tree

Street Name Game

Trees are Terrific

TREEvial Pursuit

What Tree is that?

Tree Jokes

5 Themes of Geography

Label the Continents

Click on a Continent to Learn More About It

World Continents Quizzes

Miss Maggie's GeoSpy

Name the Continents

Click on the Correct Continent or Ocean

Chinese New Year Games

Map It!

Find the Continents

Name the Continents

U.S. Geography Games


Multiplication - Numbers Up to 12

Space Arrays (TM)


Fraction Actions - Eliot site check

Bowling for Fractions (TM)


Guess My Button

Guess My Rule


Balloon Word Toss

Google Translate

Activities to Learn English

English Picture Word Match

Vocabulary Word Match

Picture Label Match

The Senses

Taste Activity

I Spy Bingo

The Five Senses Quiz

The Eye Word Search

Touch Word Search

Smell Word Search

The Ear Word Search

Taste Word Search



Pattern Generator

Pattern Mania

Patterns People Patterns

Pattern Mania

What Comes Next?


Points on a Grid (TM)

Icy Slides, Flips, and Turns (TM)

Tile the Floor (TM)

Tile the Floor (TM)

Solid Figure Factory (TM)

Symmetrical Quilts


Days of Fun (TM)

Money (TM)

Bang on Time


Stop the Clock - Hour & Half-Hour

Stop the Clock - Quarter Hours

Stop the Clock - Five Minute Intervals

Stop the Clock - Nearest Minute

What Time Is It?


Explore Measurements with Olivia (TM)

Longer Shorter (TM)

Length or Strength Paperclips (TM)

Length or Strength Inches (TM)

Length or Strength Centimeters (TM)

Which Tool (TM)

Which is Heavier? (TM)

Ounce or Pound (TM)

Length or Strength Centimeters (TM)

Which Tool (TM)

Choose the Unit (TM)

Which Tool Weight (TM)

Tile the Floor (TM)

Area Partners (TM)


Money (TM)

Adding Nickels & Pennies

Spending Spree

Counting Coins

Treasure Game

Bus Money Game

Shopping with Caroline

Counting Money (Level 1)

Pocket Change

Kathleen Martell , Technology Instructional Specialist

Needham Public Schools, Needham, MA

Last Updated Dec 2017