Commission Info

Status (as of Feb 18 2020): Slots posted to twitter (not all commissions available at all times)

In addition to the following information, please read and be aware of my TOS. By paying for a commission you are agreeing to my TOS, whether you read it or not!

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Transparent Headshot

$38 USD

Simple designs work best here; long hair in particular will need to be shortened, not included or simplified to a tuft.


Request via this form!

Gradient Map Headshots

$65 USD

Lineart with pops of color, mapped with a gradient. Please keep in mind that markings and colors won’t necessarily be true to ref!


Request via this form!

Simple Icon

$70 USD

Icon with a very simple background.



Request via this form:

Full Icon

$100 USD

These include some background design elements and/or plants. Feel free to mention preferences or give artistic freedom, though I tend to prefer some direction. Aesthetic boards and/or inspiration images are usually the most helpful resource if you have them on hand!



Request via this form:


$90 USD

Feral only please! Surcharges may apply for lots of stripes/spots/other complex markings, wings, long hair, complex accessories etc. If you’d like to ask for a quote beforehand, please DM me on twitter or email me at

Request via this form!

Lock Screens

$150 USD

Drawn at the resolution of your phone screen or tablet. A large watermark-free file is given to you alongside a watermarked web version. Includes background motifs (including but not limited to leaves, flowers, halos, stars, etc; usually more decoration than literal background)

Request via this form.


Varied Price, anywhere from $80 for something very simple (simpler than these examples!) to $300+ for super detailed work. Something like the examples below will run between $140-190.

Prices are somewhat higher than for equivalent personal commissions to allow me more time for correspondence and more adjustments during the sketch phase. Details on this below.

TBH just email me with your idea for a quote or estimate ( and I’ll accept requests on a case-by-case basis, as I most likely won’t take regular periodic openings for these right now like I do for character commissions!

I’ll send you a very rough placement sketch initially, with up to three rounds of changes during this stage. Please ask for major compositional changes during this stage.

After compositional approval, I’ll send you a more detailed sketch after. I’ll make a  round of moderate adjustments here if necessary.

After sketch approval, I ink, and if requested, color. I can adjust colors afterwards and minor lineart changes.

Changes beyond these will have a surcharge.

Please note that I began taking tattoo commissions by popular request. I have limited experience with the tattooing process and will essentially follow your prompting regarding style and detail level. Please consult your tattoo artist regarding what’s possible for them as I make no guarantees regarding how the design will translate!