“Beyond the Guidebook”  College Representative Questionnaire


11/16/2018 @ 12:40 PM

Name of College:

The School of Fashion Design

Name of Representative:

Jane Conway Caspe

Email Address:


Phone Number:

Office: 617-536-9343

College Web Page:

Please give some examples of high profile events held on campus last year  (i.e. concerts. speakers, political debates, etc.):        

We have a speaker series and last year we had representatives from Ralph Lauren, Chanel, Pantone and many more. We also host many fashion exhibits and fashion shows throughout the year.

What percentage of students stay on campus during the weekends?

We have a city campus so many of our students work in the building on weekends but then go back to their residence.

New initiatives on campus and/or institutional goals?

Continue to develop and promote community partnerships and establish more student internship and graduate work opportunities. Continue adding to our curriculum to assure our students are prepared to fulfill job requirements for any position. Finalize our Gap Year Program. Expand our scholarship program.

What is something you might find at the school that may not exist at any other school?

Our Professional Development Program teaches students what they need to know to start sand run their own fashion business. One of our head instructors is the Founder and Director of Boston Fashion Week so our students have first access to showcasing their work several times a year.

If located outside of New England, what New England area schools is your institution similar to?

What is the distance to the nearest big city? And what is that city?

We are right in Boston on Newbury Street in the heart of the fashion district.

What is the approximate distance from Westborough, driving and/or flying?

One hour

What are your most popular majors?

Fashion Design- we are the only educational institution in New England dedicated exclusively to the study of fashion design. We provide students with a solid foundation in apparel design and construction that you won’t find anywhere else.

What are your newest and/or most unique majors?

Shoe and Sneaker Design

What majors are you hoping to grow?

Fashion Technology

Will applying “undecided” for a major affect a student’s chances for acceptance?


Is there a statistical advantage to applying early decision or early action?

No. We have rolling admission, deadlines are September, January and June depending upon when a student would like to begin.

If interviews are required or recommended, where and by whom are they conducted?

They are required for students who live within a 100 mile radius and they take place at our school by our Director, Michelle Simpson

Are students automatically considered for merit scholarships with the application to the school?


What percentage of demonstrated financial aid do you meet?

We don’t have a specific % but we help each individual student with the whole financial process, payment plans, etc.

Is there anything else a student should know that they will not easily find in a guidebook or online?

Our school has been in existence for 85 years and is known for teaching technical expertise in design. We have 99% job placement for our graduating students who work in the fashion industry locally and around the world.