Mr. Jeff Hiatt                                          Mr. Chris Grimm                             Mrs. Amy Mayhue

 Superintendent                                    High School Principal                               Elementary Principal

Exemptions on semester tests will be determined by the following:

        A with 4 or less absences

        B with 3 or less absences

        C with 2 or less absences

Students that have a D or F or have been suspended for any reason are NOT exempt.

We do not distinguish between excused or unexcused on absences.  School activities do NOT count as absences.  Each teacher will inform each student of their exemption status in their class.

This semester’s schedule for testing will be ODD hour tests given on Wednesday December 18th.  Students will follow their regular class schedule and test during ODD hours.  EVEN hour tests will be given on Thursday December 19th.  On Thursday, students will take their 2nd period test during 1st hour, 4th period test during 2nd hour, & 6th period test during 3rd hour.  Buses will run at 12:30p.m. on Thursday.

Students may wait until their 1st test to show up and may checkout after their last is complete.  Once the student is on campus to test, they may NOT leave until they are done testing for the day.