Do you have problems to solve?

We are pleased to announce the publication of our new book, “5/67 Problem Solving, How to Solve Wicked Problems...correctly”.  

This book is for anyone who has problems they need to solve, either by themselves or with a team at work.  In our book we have synthesized decades of problem-solving wisdom and expertise and made these best-practice techniques available in an easy-to-read book suitable for a plane flight or an evening without TV.  The book is particularly applicable to those in a leadership or managerial role at work.

We outline the proper approach to take to solve all three types of problems, Stupid, Difficult, and Wicked problems and give examples of all three.

We introduce the reader to a number of accompanying concepts and tools like: 5/67 Thinking, The Definition of Success, The No Blame Game and Pioneers and Settlers. These tools were developed from our experiences solving a wide range of problems for our consulting customers. The approaches provided in the book will assist any future problem-solver in tackling the hardest problems - even Wicked Problems.

Quotations from some of our early reviewers include:

The book is available on Amazon ( and (

If you have solved all of your problems at work in and your life, you probably don’t need this book.