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A computing device is being issued to you to as an instructional tool and to support your educational experience . It is your responsibility to take care of this computer. You are expected to bring the charged computer to school each day, and to keep it safe and in good working order. While it is assigned to you for your use, the computer remains the property of the school.

Technical support for the computer is provided in the media center before school and at various times throughout the day. Bring your computer to that location for help when needed, with your teacher's permission.

Students will be responsible for the upkeep of the device assigned to them. In the event that loss or breakage has occurred, it will be up to the administration and technology department to determine if it is accidental or from misuse.  If it is a first time event and  it is determined that the damage was done accidentally, the district will repair or replace the device at no charge to the student.  If it is determined that the damage was due to misuse, or if it is a second breakage with the same student, the student will be charged the cost of repair or replacement.


When used at school, the computer has filtered Internet access through the school's network. When outside of school however, the network source may not be filtered. Families should establish guidelines for appropriate use of the computer outside of school. Use of a school-issued computer at any time to access material that is obscene, child pornography, or harmful to minors is a violation of Federal law and School Board policy.

Like textbooks and other materials issued to students, the computer and charger must be returned at the end of the school year with no permanent ornamentation. The same computer will be issued to you next year. If you leave North Royalton High School prior to the end of the year, these items must be returned before your records will be released to your new school.

Student Name (Print):  _______________________________________________

I acknowledge that I have received the computer and charger, and agree to follow the guidelines, which includes

the district Acceptable Use Policy,  established for its proper use.

Student Signature:  _________________________________  Date:  _______________

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