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MTB MLE and the role of teachers in strong and sustained programs

Powerpoint presentation that describes the role of MTB MLE teachers in helping their students achieve success in learning and using two or more languages in school.

Components of MTB MLE teacher training
Suggested components of pre-service training for MTB MLE teachers

Institutionalizing MTB MLE teacher training within established teacher education programs

Suggestions for incorporating MTB MLE teacher training into regular teacher education programs  in universities and teacher training institutions

Le rôle des enseignants dans des programmes EML¹ forts et durables

Presentation on the role of teachers in strong and sustained MTB MLE programs ( French)

Les fondations fortes et les bonnes passerelles: Comment peuvent les enseignants faire une passerelle à une deuxième langue?

The role of teachers in helping their students build a strong foundation in L1 and a good bridge to L2 ( French)

Resources for teacher training workshops and courses

Levels of learning” for teacher trainees

Overview of “Levels of learning” for teacher trainees; includes two activities that challenge trainees to use their own higher level thinking skills.

“Bridging” in MLE: What does it mean? What is involved?

Powerpoint presentation with the main points for teachers to understand about bridging between languages in MTB MLE programs

L1 and L2 as subjects and as languages of instruction in Grade 4 and above

Points to include in training for Grade 4 teachers to help them understand the rationale and benefits of using L1 in middle and upper primary grades

Rencana untuk Pelatihan

Suggestions for activities to include in MTB MLE teacher training workshops.  (Indonesian)

Examples of resources for teacher training and follow-up

Using Tetun and Portuguese as languages of instruction in Grades 5 and 6, Timor Leste MoE,

Presentation to teachers who will be using two languages for instruction in upper primary grades in Timor Leste.  This English version is used with permission from the Timor Leste Ministry of Education.

Grade 1 MTB MLE supervisor's checklist

 Template for supervisors to assess Grade 1 MTB MLE teacher’s classroom interactions and plan for in-service training

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