E-NEWS, Vol. 2, No. 3. Feb. 10, 2019


Two sessions are coming up to train our new volunteers, and if you’d like to become a volunteer these are for you:  February 16, 2:00 p.m. or  March 16, 2:00 p.m. These sessions take about an hour and are at a home in the neighborhood. Contact memberservices@villagedrivevillage.org to fill out a volunteer application if you haven’t already, and to let member services know you are coming. See www.villagedrivevillage.org/volunteer for additional information. We love to meet new volunteers!

OUR 2018 Village Drive VIllage ANNUAL REPORT SUMMARY

Our first organizational efforts began in January; in March we held a neighborhood meeting and formed a planning committee which soon became a Board of Directors. By April we had a phone and a website, and our Village was a Virginia corporation with 501 (c)(3) non-profit status with the IRS. During the summer we trained, background-checked, and insured our volunteers. We held some “meet-and-greet” sessions and a “National Night Out” event with a movie and local fire and police visitors.

WE OPENED IN SEPTEMBER 2018: In our third quarter volunteers spent at least 210 total hours on Village Drive Village projects, including 91 non-administrative hours for errands, visits and calls, socialization activities, and technical help. Volunteers did 20 different jobs helping others.

We had an even busier fourth quarter with volunteers spending more than 247 total hours, 116 hours of which were non-administrative-- helping neighbors with errands, visits, handyman-maintenance issues, referrals, socialization activities, and technical help. Volunteers did 74 different jobs helping others.

Financially, we are doing ok, but less than a fourth of our 2018 budget came from member dues; most of our activities were underwritten by generous donors.

Official Membership in 2018 was 24; and we had 14 volunteers. Both have already increased for 2019, and we hope more neighbors will join us soon.


Last year we spent 152 hours in what villages call “socialization activities.” It probably sounds like fun, and it is, but it is much more important than “fun” implies. Recent studies show that social isolation is a major factor in premature mortality and health problems. We have members who don’t get out of their homes and meet with other people as much as they should, and there are many reasons for this: perhaps they don’t know their neighbors any more; perhaps they are now too shy or too tired to try to meet new people; perhaps they’re lonely and just don’t realize they’re lonely. Whatever the reason, VDV volunteers make an effort to invite neighbors to our many activities, and it’s rare when we hold an activity that doesn’t include someone new who is grateful for the experience. It’s rewarding for everyone involved. If you know someone who doesn’t get out much, you might show them our activities list below and encourage them to join us. It’s a great example of neighbors helping neighbors.




Some of our members are considering a program called “Create and Chat,” which costs $25 a session (or less for two or more) including instruction, materials, and a snack. The programs are in a Fairfax home studio and are for beginners or more experienced artists. Contact activities@villagedrivevillage.org for details.


PHONE AND NEW WEBSITE: The County continues to support older adults with a professionally staffed phone line at 703-324-7948. Their new webpage (https://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/topics/older-adults)  has links to a gazillion resources, including our own Village Drive Village webpage if you click on “more services” and then “Neighbor to Neighbor and Village Programs.”    

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Village Drive Village is a not-for-profit, resident-led neighborhood association that connects residents 55 and older to non-medical services to support them in their goal of living independently in their homes as they age. Neighborhood volunteers provide services which enhance social and cultural interaction to continue to connect the residents to their community.  www.VillageDriveVillage.org