E-News Vol. 4, No. 4    February 25, 2021

“Kate and Kitty: Women of Substance” 

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Ms. Inskeep Gray’s illustrated talk examines the lives of social activist Dr. Kate Waller Barrett, who founded the Florence Crittenton Mission Homes for unwed mothers, and her daughter, Kitty Barrett Pozer, a community activist and columnist for the Washington Post. Both women had significant roles in World War I.

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According to an email from the NY Times here are The Facts about the vaccines:

"The evidence so far suggests that a full dose of the vaccine — with the appropriate waiting period after the second shot — effectively eliminates the risk of Covid-19 death, nearly eliminates the risk of hospitalization and drastically reduces a person’s ability to infect somebody else. All of that is also true about the virus’s new variants."

In other words, with proper vaccination you won't die and you probably won't get very sick or infect others.

But the message people are getting from most media, according to the same story, is different and not so encouraging:  "The coronavirus vaccines aren’t 100 percent effective. Vaccinated people may still be contagious. And the virus variants may make everything worse. So don’t change your behavior even if you get a shot.

"Much of this message has some basis in truth, but it is fundamentally misleading."

Our advice, get the vaccines and continue to protect yourself and others by wearing a proper mask and avoiding prolonged contact with people in poorly-ventilated places.  As always, wash your hands.  Those of us who’ve had our second vaccination are now contemplating doing more of our own errands and taking more risks, but we should remain cautious about exposure to others, especially for more than a few seconds when unmasked and indoors.  

Also, remember we have lots of tricks for safer exercise and entertainment at home; and we just added some Zoom classes at Merrifield Gardening Center to lots of ideas for  “Fun for the Socially Distancing” in www.VillageDriveVillage.org/corona.


Do you need Insurance for broken water and insurance lines?  WAPO says no:

“Even if you own a house for decades, your odds of having a catastrophic water or sewer line failure are quite low.

“Even if you need a repair or replacement, costs will probably fall well short of the thousands of dollars cited by the warranty companies.”   The article points out that the warranties very often only paid for a plumber with a “snake,” and that fixed the problem.  Read about their research here:  https://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/home/do-you-really-need-insurance-for-your-water-and-sewer-lines-heres-what-to-know/2021/02/15/651f3dd6-6baa-11eb-9f80-3d7646ce1bc0_story.html 

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Now that many of our Silver Members and some of our volunteers have been vaccinated, Village Drive Village has resumed our complete volunteer service to all Silver Members, including these jobs and more:

  • minor repairs and installations, especially when your safety is involved. No job is too small for us: we replace light bulbs and alarm batteries, move furniture and boxes of holiday decorations and potted plants, hang pictures …
  • technical help with computers, cell phones, DVDs, TVs, cable, internet, programmable thermostats, light timers, security and pet cameras, and small appliances; individual training with common software like email, Zoom, Facebook, Facetime, Youtube, Netflix.
  • inside help, like watering plants, pet care, mail pick-up, waiting for deliveries, other help around the house if you are temporarily unable to do them
  • outdoor issues, like a big tree limb that needs cutting up or repairs from accidents and storms, even snow removal
  • picking up groceries or prescriptions or other errands for temporary situations
  • we can make a daily phone call to check on a Silver Member who lives alone or who has been sick
  • We have some volunteers who are experts in household organization and decluttering, so think about ...

We require proper masks and social distancing of the volunteer and anybody at the home of the Silver Member.  The concierge will inform both the volunteer and the Silver Member of the other’s vaccination status, and both can decline to share their status and also are free to decline to participate for this occasion.

Silver members who want a volunteer or people who would like to become Silver Members ($50/year or family $89/year) may contact the concierge@villagedrivevillage.org or phone 571-274-5349.

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