MEGA Newsletter - November 2017

Next Official Meeting is Sunday, November 12, 2017

2:00 pm

Crooked Ewe, South Bend - FIRST MEETING AT CROOKED EWE!!

Tasting Styles: Browns and Ambers

Meeting Agenda

Club News

Meetings Moved to the Ewe!  Andy and the Crooked Ewe have made their location in the private room upstairs available for us to conduct our meetings!  During the October meeting, our club presented Terry with an engraved plaque made by one of their former servers to thank the Meehan family for all these years of opening their pub for our meetings. Again, thank you to the Meehan family for all these years and we are excited to start this new chapter of meetings held at a former club member and president’s brewery.

MEGA Barrel Project - Some MEGA members got together and filled 2 bourbon barrels with beer, one with a Kate the Great Russian Imperial Stout clone and another with a club-collaborate English-style Barleywine.  The English-style Barleywine will be coming out VERY soon as the last of the Wee Heavy brews was completed last weekend (thanks Jim!), which will be refilling the barrel.  We are furiously trying to get enough volunteers for an imperial porter recipe to refill the Kate the Great clone in the other barrel.  At that time, the barrels will also be moved to a new home.  If you would like to participate in future barrel projects, post in the forum on the website or bring it up in one of the upcoming meetings.

Officer Nominations - In accordance with our bylaws, the November meeting is the time to do nominations of officers.  If you would like to run for an Officer position or want to nominate someone else, be prepared to speak up at the November meeting.  If you cannot attend the November meeting but would like to nominate someone, please let a current officer know ahead of the November meeting.

Club Cider Buy - The club has arranged for cider to be sold to members at $5/gallon from Lehman’s Orchard in Niles.  This cider will NOT be pasteurized this year, which is a great opportunity to pick up some cider and let the wild yeast do it’s work!  Alternatively, a metabisulfite treatment will take care of the wild yeast and you can pitch your choice of yeasts.

MEGA Work Shirts - MEGA ordered more of the popular MEGA Work Shirt! These shirts are great to wear at events or just to represent MEGA during your brew day.  The work shirts are Dickies-branded short sleeve blended material  (65% polyester/35% cotton, Moisture-Wicking).  Color is charcoal with gold and white MEGA logo on left chest and large on Back.  Shirts ar $35.  Check with the club for available sizes.

MEGA Sample Glasses - MEGA received the sample glasses that were ordered.  Those who already pre-ordered should get their glasses at the next few meetings and any remaining glasses will be available for members and sold at events.  If you are interested in getting some sample glasses, speak up at a meeting or other MEGA event.  They are $5.25 for members and $6.00 for non-members.

Weko Beach Brewers Festival - Several members poured at this year’s rainy Weko Beach Brewers Festival.

Learn to Brew Day - November 4 was Learn to Brew Day across the country.  Unfortunately, our club was unable to figure out logistics for having our own event.  Joe at Hop Lore hosted several homebrew clubs and it looked like those that attended had a good, albeit rain-soaked, time.

Upcoming Events

Hair of the Dog Holiday Party

Tenatively January 13, 6PM-11PM

Location is being finalized