Maintenance & Landscape Budget Category Examples

The Committee recognizes that some items are complicated and will be left to Maintenance and Land Stewardship Committee discretion. The items listed are associated by column, not by rows.

House Board or Domes Minor / Household

Minor / Household

 Routine Maintenance

Major Maintenance

Routine Landscape - trees & perimeter landscape

Major Landscape (New Projects)

Minor Landscape (Garden)

SCHA Shared Equipment & Materials

cleaning supplies***

smoke & CO alarms & batteries

fire sprinkler inspection*

replace flooring - carpet, laminate, vinyl

pathway maintenance (decomposed granite, mulch, edging)

new landscape installations (low-maintenance landscape, hedgerows, patios)

annual seeds/seedlings

Shared equipment purchases

matches for stove**

batteries for keypads

fire alarm inspection*

replace refrigerator

hired weed abatement

irrigation system installation/replacement

chicken supplies, beekeeping supplies*

Bulk materials (e.g., drip tape, irrigation parts, soil amendments)

water filter cartridges***

minor plumbing work - clog removal etc.

fire extinguisher recharge

replace laundry machine(s)

tree and shrub care / removal

pathway installation

composting materials

Weedwhacking fuel, oil, trimmer line

window curtains***

appliance repair

chimney sweep

replace windows

perimeter maintenance

rehabilitating/installing new structures (greenhouses, chicken coops)

work gloves

Shared equipment servicing and repairs

laundry soap

light bulbs

gutter cleaning

replace gutters

green waste removal


soil amendments

common space furniture

screens &  repair supplies

ongoing contracted pest control service

replace toilet

irrigation system maintenance (drip tape, irrigation parts, timer batteries)

fruit trees, perennials

common space interior painting for aesthetic preference

one-time pest control service/supplies

solar panel cleaning (Corner)

replace a structural component of the house (ex: roof)

educational & planting signs for the garden

supplies for house animals***

work safety supplies (goggles, masks, etc.)

irrigation inspection

kitchen remodel

solarizing material

shower curtain**

mold resistant paint

install a fence

raised beds

party decorations

electrical outlet repair/replacement

domes renovation

hand tools - shovels and trowels

disposable COVID safety supplies**

 wildfire preparedness supplies*

annual/seasonal required by UCD

exterior paint

cold frame materials

* On-campus co-ops only                   ** Off-campus only                ***Houses only                Minor Landscape items are paid for with house board off-campus

Wildfire preparedness supplies include: air purifier filters, MERV13 filters, N95 masks, weather stripping, painters tape, plastic, box fans, and duct tape. Air purifiers were purchased for the houses in summer 2021 and, while replacement filters and other supplies for their upkeep can be purchased with minor maintenance funds, proposals for additional purifiers should be brought to the Maintenance or BOP committee.

REVISED 7/13/21