Teen Programs Intern:
Outdoor Skills and Stewardship

Camp Fire Central Oregon strives to give young people the opportunity to gain the skills necessary to thrive throughout their lives and start making an impact on their community now.  

We are looking for a motivated, creative, and enthusiastic individual to bring his or her passion for environmental education and inspiring youth to our Outing Club program .  The Outing Club meets every other week to give youth an opportunity to practice outdoor skills, learn about the natural world, and participate in the planning of at least 2 outings and 1 stewardship project.  With support from Camp Fire staff, the intern will serve as a leader for the club, and be responsible for: creating curriculum, recruiting club members, and implementing age appropriate activities to promote teen involvement/engagement in nature, outdoor recreation, and stewardship.  The intern will also work on other partnership programs and special projects, including a multi-day trip over Spring Break.  

Internship details:

Desired Experience:

To apply, please send an email to jobs@campfireco.org, titled “Teen Programs Intern, [your last name]”.  Please include:


Camp Fire’s Statement of Inclusion: Camp Fire works to realize the dignity and worth of each individual and to eliminate human barriers based on all assumptions that prejudge individuals. Designed and implemented to reduce sexual, racial, religious, and cultural stereotypes and to foster positive intercultural relationships, in Camp Fire, everyone is welcome.

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