MCCGP Sunday School Parent Handbook


The mission of the MCCGP Sunday School is to:



11:00am – 2:00pm


Any student missing more than one third of the classes in any given academic year will not be promoted to the next class. The school will notify the parent ahead of time if this situation occurs so there is no surprise at the end of the school year.

Late Arrivals

Students arriving later than 15 minutes after the beginning of class will not be recorded as present for the purpose of attendance grade. Late arrivals disrupt classroom instructions and should be discouraged. This policy helps students become aware of time, the importance of punctuality, and respect for others. Parents’ cooperation is crucial for the success of this policy.

Late Pick-Up

Students must be picked up at the end of the classes and Duhur prayer.

School Cancellation

In case of inclement weather or due to other reasons, all or some of the sessions of the school may be cancelled on a given Sunday. Notices of such cancellations will be posted on MCCGP and School website and a voice-mail be recorded on MCCGP’s phone line. In case of full cancellation, the information will be available on three major TV stations (KDKA, WTAE and WPXI) under their cancellations banner. It is the responsibility of the parents to check the websites or call the MCCGP’s phone line to check for cancellations.


Students are expected to:


ADHERENCE TO CURRICULUM: Teachers will ensure that class activities are always in accordance with the curriculum for the assigned grades. Teachers will prepare lesson plans in advance and classes progress at a predetermined pace. Teachers may do their own self-evaluation after the end of each class for teaming progress and curriculum fulfillment.

CIVILITY: Conversations among students and teachers must be within the confinement of civility. The school environment must encourage children to practice politeness, respect, and courtesy. Use of any rude, foul or disrespectful language will not be tolerated. Parents and all school staff members must be polite and respectful of each other; we set the example for our students.

LEARNING ENVIRONMENT: Teachers will treat students with fairness, kindness, and equality in the classroom, while maintaining discipline and order in the classrooms.

VISITORS IN THE CLASSROOM: Visitors are welcome in the classrooms, but any visitor to the school must first come to the office and get permission to enter the classroom. Visitors must also get advance permission from the teacher.

TEACHERS ABSENCE FROM THE CLASSROOM: Classrooms should never be left unsupervised. If a teacher should leave the classroom, the substitute teacher will continue with lessons. A teacher’s absence for a day or more must be arranged for by the teacher and principal.

ATTENDANCE: Attendance will carry 20% of the final grade. A student missing more than about 30% of school days each year will not receive grade report.

Homework assignments will be worth at least 20% of the total grade.

DISCIPLINE: Teachers will first give a verbal warning to students who do not adhere to the proper behavior. After this initial warning, the student may be sent to the Principal’s office for a conversation with a member of the Administration Team. This member will then make the judgment whether the parents of the offending student need to be informed on the spot or if a letter or phone call home is in order. All visits to the Principal’s office will be added to student’s records and will be used by the school to make any future decisions regarding the student’s stay in the school.


Prayer is an integral part of the Weekend School instructional program. Students, teachers, parents, and the administration staff join together with others who come to pray in the masjid. Because of the number of people praying it is imperative that students maintain a low noise level and respect for the prayer hall.

STUDENTS are encouraged to make wudu before coming to school. If need be, they are dismissed to make wudu. Afterwards they go with their respective classes to the prayer hall to wait for the prayer to begin. All students must remain seated after the Salah is concluded and wait to be dismissed.

SUPERVISION before, during, and after the Salah is a must in order to be able to teach the students how to pray properly.

PARENTS and/or guardians are asked to join in the jama and are requested to not pick up their students before the Prayer. Children need to SEE adults pray too.

If parents choose to stand outside the prayer area rather than join, then they must be respectful of the Salah and their children that are praying by keeping quiet and waiting patiently.

Parent cooperation and understanding is crucial for the success of this policy.


Each week the students gather for salah. Students take turns giving adhan. This is an opportunity for students to practice presentation skills and encourage other students to give adhan.


The school programs are designed to provide experiences in teamwork inside and outside the classroom walls. A lunch break or any activity outside the classroom is an opportunity for the children to practice Islamic behavior in an open environment.

Halal pizza, drink, and other items are provided for the students by the Sunday School.

Students may bring money to buy snack items or may bring their own food.

For educational and social purposes, students are to:


Parent Volunteers on the premises can play a very constructive role in coaching the children to modify their behavior and become better citizens at school, home, and other places.

Parents can assist (when asked by school administration):


Safety and security are a collective concern for parents and the Sunday School staff. Parents’ assistance and cooperation is necessary.

Parents are responsible for their children while they attend school. During classroom hours, students are expected to be present in the class. Students should not leave school’s premises without adult supervision. Please remind your children of this fact and that they are not to accompany anyone they do not know.

Students are prohibited from bringing any device to school that may be considered unsafe or unsuitable for the school environment. The school discourages children from bringing any toys at home on regular instruction days. These are disruptive to the class and have a potential of creating problems between students. Teacher may make exceptions to this rule as they see fit. No balls are allowed and may be confiscated. Before and after school play within MCCGP premises is at the parent’s discretion and MCCGP staff will not be responsible.


Periodically, teachers pursue formal and informal quizzes and tests in the classroom. Formal testing is also done near the end of each semester. Teachers submit grades each semester and parent/teacher conferences will be scheduled each semester as needed. Parents are encouraged to stay in regular contact with their child’s teacher.


This Sunday School Program belongs to you, the parents and the students of the community. Any issues, problems, complaints, or suggestions for improvement are our collective concern. We must work together to make this school the best it can be. The parents and the students who have any issues or concerns are encouraged to discuss them with the Administration team for mutually acceptable solutions. All parents and students are encouraged to make suggestions for improvements in writing. These comments may be handed to the Administration team or communicated to the Executive Council.


All students, as well as teachers and parent volunteers, are expected to follow MCCGP School Dress Code as listed below:

  1. Boys’ clothes must cover their entire body except face, head, arms above the elbow to hands (i.e. no tank tops), and legs under the knees to feet.
  2. Girls’ clothes must cover their entire body, except face, including arms (up to wrists) and legs (up to ankles).
  3. Clothes should not reveal undergarments for boys or girls at any time including posture required for salat (ruku and sajood).
  4. Clothes should not be skin-tight as to reveal the upper or lower body or legs (for both males and females). “Muscle shirts” are discouraged.
  5. Girls who have reached the age of puberty are encouraged to wear loose shirts as to cover bosoms properly at all times.
  6. Sleepwear (PJs) is not permitted.
  7. Articles must be clean (not soiled with grease, oil, paint, or dirt).
  8. Clothing with slogans/emblems are acceptable as long as they do not depict illegal substances (including alcohol & smoking), any type of indecent writing, animal or human pictures (of any kind), advertisements, violence, gang behavior, double meanings, or an un-Islamic message.
  9. Clothing, jewelry or makeup that frightens others, is contrary to the mission of school, or disrupts the educational program is inappropriate and can be addressed by teachers or the principal.

Please note:


This Sunday School Parent Handbook describes important information about the MCCGP Sunday School Program, and I understand that I should request clarification from the Administration regarding any questions not answered in the Handbook.  Since the information described here is subject to change as required, I acknowledge that revisions to the Handbook may occur, and that these changes will be communicated to me by the Administration as soon as possible.

I have received this Handbook, and I understand that it is my responsibility to read and comply with the policies contained in this Handbook and any revisions made to it.


It is my responsibility as a Parent to ensure that my children enrolled in the Sunday  School Program comply with the policies of this Handbook and any revisions made to it, and that I am responsible for their conduct.  I further release MCCGP and its leadership and administration from any claim that my children may have or that I or my spouse may have against them as a result of injury or illness incurred during the course of participation in the activities.  This release of liability shall include (without limitation) any claims of negligence or breach of warranty.  This release of liability is also intended to cover all claims that members of my family may have against MCCGP or its leadership or administration.  I further agree to indemnify and hold harmless MCCGP and its leadership and administration from any and all claims arising from participation in its activities and programs, or as a result of injury or illness of my children during such activities.

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