The DuelCircle 2018 Christmas Clash Tournament is a 1v1 tournament designed to test the deck building skills rather than overall skill in PvP. This is accomplished by restricting certain cards, changing the battle environment, or adding other staff members to cast spells at certain points. This will be a two day tournament held on, Friday, December 28th and Saturday, December 29th starting at 2PM EST / 11AM PST.

The rules for each match will vary. If you want to participate, be sure that you have access to lots of different gear and treasure cards, including anything that isn’t normally considered powerful. Breaking any of the rules will result in a penalty or possible disqualification.

For some examples of what to expect on gameday, check out one of our example videos from of one of our previous similar tournaments! Christmas Clash 2015 Astral Assault Example 

For any other information, check out Duelcircle.com!

To sign up for #Clash18, go here!


Basic Rules

  1. Matches will be played with level 110-130 wizards.
  2. Each match will have a different set of game conditions. Players will have 30 minutes to build decks, enchant treasure cards and choose gear around the specific rules for that match.
  3. The winner of the match will advance to the next round in the bracket. The loser will be permanently dropped from the tournament.
  4. Matches will continue until a winner is decided.

Detailed Rules

Common Sense


Rule Enforcement and Penalties

Tournament Format

Match Format

Match Format (Semifinals/Finals)

General Overall Rules

These rules will be in effect for all games unless specified in gamemode announcements. Follow @Duelcircle_PvP on Twitter for up to date game-mode information.

Any of these rules could be nullified for a ruleset in a match. Be prepared for anything!

May-cast wands may be used for their stats. however, the wand strikes will not be able to be used whatsoever to avoid rule infractions.