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RHMS Wildcat Art and Design Club


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Welcome to RHMS Wildcat Art & Design Club

The 2019-2020 printable Club application is here.

The forms will be available outside of the art room too.

Click here to see the WADC Calendar.

The thirty new

Wildcat Art and Design Club members

for the 2019-2020 school year

will be announced on September 6 on this website,

in the atrium, at the art room door, and on the media center window.

6th Grade - 8-12 students

7th Grade - 8-12 students

8th Grade - 8-12 students

Club Dates:

Regular Art Club meetings will occur on four select Wednesdays each quarter from 3PM until 5PM.  Additional meetings will occur in preparation for various events.

1st Quarter: September 11, September 18, September 25, and October 2

2nd Quarter: October 23, October 30, and November 20, and December 11

3rd Quarter: January 15, January 22, January 29, and February 5

4th Quarter: March 11, April 25, April 1, and April 22

RHMS Wildcat Art and Design Club

2019-2020 Application Requirements

  • Submit a self-portrait and a still life along with a completed WADC application by August 26.
  • Attend one of two 30-minute drawing sessions​:     August 27     or         August 28      

Pick up by 3:40PM.

  • Have two teachers email recommendations to ​Tluke@bryan.k12.ga.us​ no later than August 26.
  • Have and maintain an average of 80 or greater.

RHMS Wildcat Art and Design Club

2019-2020 Membership Maintenance Requirements

  • The student must adhere to the classroom procedures and rules..

● The student must exhibit artistic skills and creative thinking.

● The student must have an awareness of the importance of completing projects in a timely manner.

● The student must demonstrate safe and proper care of the art materials and supplies.

● The student must attend the meetings regularly.  

● There will be four Wednesday meetings per quarter, and these meetings will last until 5PM (See below).

● The student must have transportation at the dismissal time on club days.

● After getting into the club, the student must acquire ​4 hours of community service during the school year.

● The student must show their art in ​at least one contest or exhibit.