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 DEMANDS;  pls offer only own or direct units only, with photo and price to: and/or

Pos. 1) Movable power plant; abt 200 MW; for leasing 12 - 18 mos or straight purchase.

Pos. 2) Floating power plant; abt 500 MW; 50 Hz; purchase only.

Pos. 3) Oil refinery for nigerian crude oil; buyer will show budget; purchase only.

Pos. 4) Methanol plant; OUTPUT: 500 - 1 500 MTpD; purchase only.

Pos. 5) Singeing machine; WW: 1 800MM; desizing complete line; BLD ely 10's onwards

Pos. 6) Rapier loom; microchip controlled; WW abt 180CM; dobby; purchase only.

Pos. 7) Production of 60 veg oil tanks; need in 12 mos; Vol.: abt 50,0 MTS; made with 304L; tech documentation can be send for qualified company; purchase only.

Pos. 8) Need agency for cranes parts distribution in South Asia;


OFFERS: Industry supply, logistic; more in: 

Pos. 1) GO Ron 92 +; sale only.

Pos. 2) Ultra Light Sulfur Diesel 10 ppm; sale only.


OFFERS: Manufacturing industry plants; more in:

Pos. 1) Complete non woven fabric production plant; YM late 10's; Price: abt 0,85 MUS$


OFFERS: Chemical industry plants; more in: 

Pos. 1) SPOT sale  2 mill bbls of Condensate, CIF  terms; sale only.


OFFERS: Power generation plants; more in:

Pos. 1) DG abt 3,0 MW, 50 Hz; Low running hours: abt 4 500 as stand by genset; Price: abt 0,15 MUS$


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