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77.20 Ruin
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77.20 Ruin

618. I find myself jonsening for carbs.  Pasta.  Potatoes.  When will this end.

619. All foods are inherently good until processed.

620. Beginning on Monday, I’m going to write an ebook in 21 days.  Maybe.  Stay tuned.

621. What are the green card equivalents for mail order husbands in each primary MOB country?

Do you ever get the feeling that your middle name is “Reboot”?  You start project after project, or buy new shiny objects and never put them in place.  Or maybe you just buy software, plugins, training or systems and abandon them before making a dime.

Been there.  Done that.  Often.

Here I go again.

I have an expensive but exciting trip I want to make in mid-July 2016.  Today is Valentine’s Day.  My 142 days end on the Fourth of July.  That will give me about a week to get my affairs in order and bolt.

Now for some cliches.

Give 110%.  Go for the gold.  Go all-in.  I think I can.  I think I can.


Awful word.  Means I think I can do it but I really don’t want to.  I might be coerced into it if she is good looking enough or sex is imminent.  But usually it’s an invitation to waste your time, money, and life.

Today I start with my life theme.  I have written it out many times recently, but no traction.  A quick start then a quick end.

Your life theme is not a goal.  A goal is a task imposed from a boss, teacher, or spouse even if you think you set the goal yourself.  A goal has a deadline.  I hope you have not set one for your life.

That’s why we work on our life themes.  The theme’s core is 2 items:

  1. What makes me happy?
  2. What is the next action that will take me towards that happiness?

As humans looking to live our themes, we are going to be channeling everyone from the Stoics to the late Harry Browne to James Altucher.  And more.

All you need to concentrate on is the next action to move you along your theme.  Not 10 items in a to-do list, but just the next item toward happiness.

Article Marketing Today:

The Old Way - And Why It Doesn’t Work

Writing articles and generating targeted traffic to your website used to be an easy way to build up a community of your readers and earn money as an affiliate or by selling your own products.


  1. write an article
  2. post on your blog or an article directory
  3. wait for the traffic

What happened next was what always happens with online marketing:

Marketers Ruin Everything

Articles were spun and blasted to hundreds of article directories using automatic submitters.  Most of the spun articles are barely readable due to automatic spinners.  Even the inventor of “Bum Marketing” does not use it anymore.  Times change.  Travis Sago is no fool.

Garbage in, garbage out.

Also, some bright marketers decided to spin thousands of articles and post all to the same domain.  Google changes the algorithm and all that work is de-indexed and worthless overnight.

Google does not necessarily punish duplicate content.  If they did, all news, sports, and weather would be on one site.  They understand syndication.  But spinning and dumping hundreds of similar articles add nothing to the user experience.  So beware.

The search engines claim they want useful, relevant content.  Truth be told, with every algorithm change, the marketing shits find new ways to game the SEs.  You know Google is worried about their main source of income - Adwords/Adsense - is being attacked by FB ads and Bing and others.

What I believe is that FB is the new way for shady marketers to abuse a different platform before that too becomes overwhelmed with crap ads.

When backlinks became the rage, marketers flooded the net with thousands of low or no quality links to their sales pages.  Google does what it always does - new algorithm.  

If you have more than 1~3 quality, relevant backlinks to your site, Google may hold it against you.  It’s not 100% because otherwise unscrupulous competition would send thousands of trash links to your site to drop you out of the SERPs.

If the SEs spot an unnatural linking pattern, your domain can be de-indexed and even put on a Google “shit-list”.  If this happens, buy a new domain and host it at a new web host.

So what do you need to do:

Start with original content.  I post most articles on one of my domains.  Some I post on article directories and other web 2.0 properties like Hubpages.  These are less valuable than they used to be.

Here is a system that will get you backlinks with worry:

Post your article in one place.  400~600 words used to be sufficient, but you are better off now with twice those numbers.

Post only to your own or a top ranked outside site.

  1. post article 1 on site 1
  2. post article 2 on site 2
  1. article 2 links back to article 1
  2. no more than 2 links (usual for article directories)
  1. link to your squeeze page
  2. link to article 1
  1. post article 3 on site 3
  1. link to article 1
  2. link to article 2
  1. post article 4 on site 4
  1. link to article 3
  2. link to squeeze page
  1. post article 5 on site 5
  1. link to article 4
  2. link to squeeze page
  1. post article 6 on site 6
  1. link to article 4
  2. link to article 5
  1. post article 7 to site 7

Repeat until you run out of sites, then start again at the beginning.

Don’t try to speed up the process by buying backlinks or using other mass submitting.  It will only hurt.  Remember - original articles, not posted elsewhere.

Here’s the best part.  Follow the pattern, and you can forget about extensive SEO.  If you write about a specific subject, the keywords are there.  Naturally.  You are not trying to drive visitors straight to a product review.  

What you want to do is use articles to drive visitors to your website and squeeze pages.

Kill the Noble Samurai.  Choose your articles by identifying what the main problems are for your niche customers.

Next, you need to do what is the most agonizing part of article marketing, and internet marketing in general.  

List building.

You just have to do it.  Each tight niche or product should have it’s own autoresponder sequence.  We won’t cover that in depth here, but you can try PureLeverage, GetResponse, or Aweber for details and plans.

SEO Lite:

  1. pick 2 or 3 of your most important keyword (phrases)
  2. use the keywords in your title if natural
  3. title 100% relative to the article
  4. opening, introductory paragraph

Day 1 - Boot Up

I don’t expect the first day of any venture to be perfect, only interesting.

We have to deal with my mother being in a nursing home trying to regain her strength.  It’s not going to happen.  She hasn’t improved in a month.  She enjoys having nurses and CNAs wait on her hand and foot.

I need to develop systems to handle the routine daily tasks to make sure I cover them every day.


Which brings me to my own health issues.  I have more than I can handle.  The main threat to my life is diabetes.  I can no longer ignore it.

To reverse and control diabetes, I need to:

I feel that this is my last chance to rein in diabetes without the use of drugs or insulin.  I have controlled it before, but I have to admit to being a sugar addict.

I would jump over a brewery to meet Ben and Jerry - my two favorite Yankees.

Other issues to solve:

Fortunately, I don’t have trouble sleeping, and the plumbing works fine.  But I have to go beyond the basics and build the physical and mental and emotional man I want to be

When I used to travel on business, I would fall asleep with the TV blaring and all the hotel room lights on.  I can sleep almost anywhere.  What I am realizing is that a dark, cool room works better.


I have the need to develop my business into more than a time-consuming hobby.

Get real, or give it up.

The first change I am making is using a standing desk for all computer work.  Helps the prostate, and removes online distractions.

When you stand at the computer, you want to get things done fast.

On top of that, we will need more income if we are to keep my mother in a nursing home beyond the next 100 days.  Medicare will run out, and we will have to pick up the slack.  It’s going to be a significant financial blow.


Weak.  Almost non-existent.

But set to improve with better health and more wealth to share.

When picking an online business model...

  1. You want an EVERGREEN business (one that will NEVER dry up).
  2. You want a business that DOESN'T depend on just 1 or 2 income streams but that can be developed into MANY income streams!
  3. You want a business that is ADAPTABLE to changing conditions and changing markets.
  4. If the business model you choose ALSO has a low to zero start up cost with exceptionally high earning potential, that's a nice BONUS!

Boomer Men - Look Abroad For You Next/Last Spouse

You can search online for “mail order brides” and return a host of sites that will introduce you to the new mail order bride (not the Wild West), and another batch of feminist sites that will tell you every possible mail order bride evil under the sun.  

Just so you know, if you seek an international marriage with a stunning woman who is significantly younger, taller, prettier, sexier, better-educated, smarter, and more devoted to her husband than any woman you can meet at home, you will be attacked.  

The last thing women want is to have you give up on their bullshit and find exactly the bride you want and need.  That goes for girlfriends, ex’s, sisters, and daughters.  None of them want someone between them and your happiness, bank account, or estate.

You will be accused of being a fool, having a midlife crisis, marrying a gold digger, robbing the cradle, and worse.

For some reason, domestic online dating sites are acceptable.  But cross a border, and you are in trouble.

I’m writing this with baby boomer males in mind.  Especially those with a divorce or 2 or 3 under their belts  (mine is stuck at 2.5 but will be clear soon).  It doesn’t really matter.  As long as you disclose your status to the women, or use an agency outside the U.S. (see IMBRA), you will be fine.

Negatives out of the way.  Now let’s check the upside.

  1. Decide Your Type.  You have tens of thousands of choices in every part of the world.  Don’t let others define your search.  I prefer tall, stacked women from the Ukraine who happen to be doctors or music teachers - knowledge you can use anywhere in the world.  You might decide on a Thai/Filipina/Vietnamese spinner.  Get what you want.

  1. Preliminaries.  All the Internet matchmaking sites can do is help you find the women you see as potential spouses.  You can determine age, height, weight, looks, marital status, eye color, hair color, children, occupation, education, and much more before you ever start to communicate.

  1. Eliminate All Who Do Not Fit.  So many people recommend against this, but there are just too many choices that will fit your criteria that you don’t want to waste time on women who are too young, have too many kids, or who your gut tells you are not right for you.

  1. Communicate If You Want.  I don’t recommend this unless absolutely necessary.  If you are not ready to travel to her country (romance tour or solo trip), most agencies charge for email, phone calls, video calls, and translation/interpreting.  Save your money until maybe 2 ~ 4 weeks before you go.

  1. Plan Your Trip.  If you never have visited your intended’s country, I recommend a romance tour if the have one.  If you go solo, make sure the agency is meeting you at the airport and providing all ground transportation, lodging, appointments, and interpreters.  You don’t want to waste a minute of your time on logistics.  You have a number of women to meet.  Some women photograph better than they look in person.

  1. Replacements.  Let’s say you communicated with a number of women before your trip, and even had the local agency set up dates.  Shit happens.  She may have changed her mind about you.  You may no longer want to see her after you met a few others.  Go with the flow.  Replacements will always be ready to step in.

  1. Woman Abroad Consider You A Catch.  If you are a normal, decent guy with a penis and a job, you are the new George Clooney (wife Amal is a Lebanese-British attorney, or is that mail order bride).  Foreign women consider American men to be less violent, better providers, and less likely to be gamblers or alcoholics.

  1. Technology Will Make International Marriage Easier Than Ever.  The dam is breaking.  Google Translate for emails.  Skype Translator for your phone and desktop.  Social media like VKontakte in an English version.  Fees to communicate are beginning to disappear.

  1. Divorced or Single Moms.  If women are in their 30s or 40s, have been married and divorced, or are single moms, you can gold in those profiles.  These were the hot women in their 20s who made a wrong choice and maybe now know what they want from a husband.

  1. Leftover Ladies.  If you like Chinese women, and you are successful in your own right, you can marry the most dynamic women in their late 30s - Sheng Nu, or leftover ladies.  These are the best educated, financially successful, and determined women on the planet.  They don’t need you for a green card, just love, kindness, status, and DNA.

  1. Mail Order Bride Rising.  Over the last 3 years, sites like Anastasia are booming.  AnastasiaDate is now the 29th most popular dating site out of over 1,400 worldwide.  Good company.

  1. Romance Tours.  Unlike in the U.S., romance tours can introduce you to hundreds of bride wanna-be’s in a week or two.  If you are shy or nervous about her country, there is no better way to get started.  A Foreign Affair is the leader in romance tours.  Check them out on YouTube.

  1. Risk.  All relationships between men and women are fraught with risk.  International marriage has its own brand.  Your best bet is to take a look at Kezia Nobles site or watch the video on the GFAS.  If you’re like me, approaching gorgeous, strange women scares the shit out of me.  These coaches can take out most of the initial risk that might be blocking you from your perfect bride.

Tons of other reasons for going abroad for your wife, spouse, or partner.  I’ll cover them in future posts, but move fast if you can.  

Same-sex marriage will likely be a target of Republicans in 2016.  And you always have to be on the lookout for politicians starting senseless wars.

One final benefit:  international marriages last longer than domestic, and men who marry young women live longer.

Go with the odds.

The Charlie Chaplin Rule:

When people give you grief about robbing the cradle with your new mail order bride, just know it’s rooted in jealousy and other people thinking they know how to run your life and relationships better than you do.

I like to fall back on the Charlie Chaplin Rule.  At least that’s what I call it.

At one point, movies made Charlie Chaplin one of the most famous people in the world.  His little tramp and silent films do not need translation.

His fourth wife (and third teenager) was Oona O’Neill, daughter of already famous playwright Eugene O’Neill.  She was an 18 year old socialite in New York who traveled west to try acting.  He was 52.

Her father was so pissed he disinherited her.  No way such a union could ever last.  She had dated the likes of Orson Welles and J.D. Salinger, and had friends like Gloria Vanderbilt while attending Brearley, a prestigious all-girls private school in Manhattan.  She was not poor, desperate, stupid, or in need of digging gold.

When Charlie was driven out of the country in 1952 for leftist political activities, Oona went with him.  Eventually, she renounced her US citizenship, became a British subject, and lived for decades in Switzerland.

So how did that work out?  She was with Charlie until he died at age 88 in 1977.  Only 36 years (and 8 children including actress Geraldine Chaplin).  She must of have been using him for income, or maybe he wanted a free housekeeper.

Bottom line:  34 Years Age Difference.

I call it the Charlie Chaplin rule.

AAI Starts With Clickbank

For new affiliate marketers, and for those who have lost their way, Clickbank should be your primary source of vendors with affiliate links to promote.

At the beginning, Clickbank accepted only digital products, but now it’s evolving into some physical products, especially recurring.  I have a monthly delivery of a superfood protein powder that is excellent.

Here is what is sure to be a monster list of reasons why you should cut your affiliate marketing teeth on Clickbank before moving to other providers:

1. Clickbank has been around for X years, always paying out on time.

2. All products have the same 60 day refund guarantee.  Customers can be certain that they can get a refund if needed.

Testing Steve Scott:  


Steve Scott has a number of kindle books available to help the Internet marketer and more.  For affiliate marketers he has a definitive PDF free online.

I have read any number of books that can help you fast write  a nonfiction book.  I like this one because deals with Kindle sized books, not 200+ page tomes for traditional publishers.

Traditional books are fantastic.  You may be fortunate and get a 7 figure advance for your NYT Number 1 bestseller of the year.  Book tours.  Oprah.  

Okay.  Back to the now.

The reasons why Kindle will rule book publishing is simple yet multifaceted like a perfect storm.

First, traditional publishers do not control book or music publishing any longer.  Self-publishing is no longer a death sentence.  You now have kindle, ebooks, publishing on demand, pdfs, websites, blogs, and god knows what more to get your text seen.  Add podcasts and video, and you are now your own publisher and broadcaster.

I don’t always follow fast writing formulas, but I have 2 kindle books I need to write during this first 91/30 session to move along in my theme.  I’m sure his method will save time, and I’m out to prove or disprove it with these 2 books.

Here’s a brief outline and notes I take away:

  1. Kindle has been Steve’s primary source of income since 2012.
  2. If you want to use Kindle as a platform, start with this guide - Self Publishing Checklist.
  3. Book can be written in about 35 ~ 40 hours.  (will verify)
  4. Speed is important, but not at the expense of quality.
  5. Mindset #1 - Be an Authority
  6. Don’t write books that recycle what others have said.  (that’s I research and curate and like to and sell the original works)
  7. Mindset #2 - Solve Micro Problems
  8. A Kindle book is not the platform to save the world but to solve smaller problems.
  9. Mindset #3 - Commit to Your Writing Process
  10. Digital books are to the point.  Aim for 10,000 ~ 15,000 words.
  11. Mindset #4 - Use Your Two Brains
  12. Creative brain for the first draft - editing brain for the rest.
  13. The perfect writing environment.
  1. schedule time every day to write
  1. AIC - ass in chair method
  2. schedule 2 hours a day with occasional days off
  3. may want to write at the same time every day to develop a habit
  1. find the perfect location
  1. Starbucks is always a good choice
  2. home office
  3. eliminate distractions
  4. turn off tv and wireless Internet
  5. ask family not to interrupt
  6. (my personal choice is to walk 30 minutes to the nearest Starbucks with a laptop and notebook - after writing, the gym is 6 doors down in the strip mall)
  1. listen to inspiring music
  1. use phone or laptop to stream
  2. some use a certain type of music for Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) - remember Beethoven and A Clockwork Orange
  3. if you are distracted by music - don’t use it
  1. use the Pomodoro Technique
  1. write for sessions of 25 minutes followed by 5 minutes of walking
  2. apps are available
  1. Six Steps to a Killer Nonfiction Idea: (Days 1 ~ 2)
  1. Pick a profitable market.
  2. Get dozens of book ideas.
  3. Check Amazon’s best sellers.
  4. Find a hook for your book.
  5. Create a customer avatar/profile.
  6. Research your book idea.
  1. Crafting an Outline That Writes Itself (Days 2 ~ 4)
  1. Step #1 - Find your hook early
  2. Step #2 - Do a complete brain dump
  3. Step #3 - Use index cards for outlining
  1. 1 index card for each chapter
  2. write out subchapters on 3 ~ 5  index cards
  1. write 3 ~ 5 core concepts on the blank side
  2. write 3 ~ 5 true statements on the lined side
  1. write enough on each point so you will remember
  1. Step #4 - Tweak your index cards
  1. move your cards around for a better order
  2. eliminate redundant ideas
  3. throw out any cards that don’t add value
  4. look for any gaps in your book
  5. look for examples to help make your points
  1. How to Write a Fast Rough Draft.