#181 - Into the Nexus: “Decently Elegant”

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Hands On Kel’Thuzad

Pros are excited about

Pros say he's countered By:


Chromie, Jaina, Medic and Leoric Impression

Feels like everybody wants stacks and nobody will lane.

Jaina doesn’t feel as busted as I thought she would. But I do like the new level 7.

Feel like I’m playing inefficiently to get stacks for the quest.


Gamescom Tidbits

Heroes Releases Are About to Slow Down: So I think what you are going to see us do slowly here as we are approaching our 70th hero is: we are going to start spreading out those releases in the sense that you are going to be getting just as much content (if not more), but they are not all going to be stacked on top of each other.

So maybe we will release a hero here, then focus on a major rework there, then maybe do a battleground rework (we have started doing these a little more), skin drops, things like that. So we have got a lot of content, a lot of changes to the game, but they are a little more spread out so that they don’t all stack up on top of each other; and as a result I think that is going to mean that maybe we are not releasing heroes so frequently right on top of each other. Just to give a little bit of a breather as well.

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Object permanency and awareness

A gag post that is actually super important to refresh on.

Heroes may have shared experience, but there are now plenty of ways to feed single heroes.

Don’t ride the one trick ride. If you do, adjust your play. It didn’t matter in the early game anyway.

Quests are everyone's responsibility

I’d like add onto this with Fort Health. If a Fort or Keep is about to fall and you’re the only one trying to defend, LEAVE.




Are you guys experiencing any issues with playing Warriors since 2.0? I used to main play Warriors but it seems like now I just get demolished any time I try to do anything. I will go into engage when we have all five, and one is a support, and even if it's 5v4 I still just get destroyed. Do you guys feel like the damage versus survivability has gotten tilted towards more damage than ability to survive for tanks?

Sounds like someone is maining Anub’arak.


As the development team starts to phase out cleanse, I worry that the stun meta will reemerge. It feels as though there has not been a solution to stunlocking outside of cleanse, so removing it from supports could feel worse without some kind of other fixes to stunlocking. Just wondering your thoughts on the issue and possibilities for the future.


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