All Registration needs a  account!

(See Step 2 if you want to register just for the singles events)

1- Registering for the  team events; (For Captains Only!)

Deadline 15th of June

Via E-mail, (Payment with Wire Transfer)

-Download and fill the excel file from the link.

-You need to fill the tourneykeeper name and PlayerID number correctly or your registration can not be completed. If you do not fill the info correctly you might be asked to pay AGAIN at the door.

[Your tourneykeeper PlayerID number is the number that at the end webpage when you click on your tourneykeeper profile]

-With this information fill the excel file with the selections you want.

-Email the form to with the header  ETC - <System> - <Country> - Registration. (Change the system and the country to your own for the header)

-You will receive a reply with your bill and an account number.  After you send your payment and when it is confirmed your registration will be completed.

-With this method you don’t have to register your team members  for singles events, they will be registered by the staff.

2. Registering for the singles events;

Deadline 20th of July

-  Choose the tournament you want to register from

-  Choose your options.


-Pay with Credit Card. And you are done!

3- Price Chart

Singles Events (Per Person)
X-Wing, FoW : 20 Euro

T9A, 40K, AoS : 28 Euro

Team Events (Per Person)
X-Wing : 40 Euro

T9A, 40K, FoW, AoS : 48 Euro

Per Day: 5,5 Euro

Transport from Airport (Up to 8 people)
45 Euro