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VERSION 2.14            

Release Guide:

Version 2.14 



GO LIVE DATE: 16-Mar-2016


This document has been developed to explain the changes to easyEMPLOYER in version 2.14.

Further Difficulties

If you are experiencing further difficulties or you cannot resolve your issue, please contact the support team on 1300 855 642 (Intl. +61 2 6100 2510) Monday to Friday 09:00 to 17:00 AEST or for further assistance.

Roster Changes:

The addition of a new ‘client functionality’ view for rosters.

* It is important to note the ‘client roster view’ will only be available if your account has the ‘client’ feature enabled. 

This can be accessed by clicking the relevant ‘client’ button in the top right hand corner of the roster view screen.


From this view we can see our rostered shifts grouped by client data (as opposed to roles or users).


It is important to consider the quantity and length of name for the client data table may impact the usability of the navigation ribbon in the roster view. It is recommended where possible to keep the name of the data table to a minimum.

General Changes:

Changes to the visual appearance of the ‘Notices System’.

The notices system interface has undergone a series of changes in visual appearance based on feedback.


User details report improvements.

The user details report will now include the following:

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