Treasurer Nomination

  Along with the other members of the previous Eboard, I have resigned because of concerns with how the eboard dealt with some of the Incident Reports (IRs).  I am asking for a second chance from the members of the Corporation to serve as Treasurer.  I want to make sure there is at least one candidate for the position who understands the complexities of the job of Treasurer.  

  Working on the Incident Reports is a complicated process. This is of part why Arisia added the three "Member At-Large" positions to the Eboard.  I think that at the time that the eboard made the best decisions it could with the information available then.  As a member of the Eboard, I apologize for helping to cause the crisis that developed.  With the new information that has become available, it is clear things could have been handled differently. It is possible that more members of the Eboard should have recused themselves, but at the time the idea of bringing in others to help deal with IRs when there are a large number of recusals was not in our toolbox.  I think that how the Arisia Eboard handles IRs is an evolving process, and I would like work with the Corporation to improve it.

  Unlike the much of the convention, being an eboard member is year-round job (and we don't even get a free T-shirt).  In general the Eboard is responsible negotiating contracts, arranging meeting spaces, purchasing equipment and services, helping to wordsmith motions, confirming grants, approving scholarships and training, selecting Conventions Chairs, appointing Convention Treasurers, and for the past couple of years dealing with Incident Reports (for the 2017-2018 year, the Eboard dealt with over 30 IRs). 

  In addition to the general Eboard duties, the Treasurer has additional responsibilities as defined in the Bylaws.

(c) The treasurer shall keep the funds in depositories designated by the Executive Board, maintain the financial records of the Corporation, exercise oversight over the convention treasurer's activities, and pay the debts properly authorized in accordance with these bylaws. The treasurer shall make financial records available to the Executive Board and Membership. The treasurer shall insure that corporate activities are in accordance with federal, state, and local tax laws and shall be responsible for all necessary filings with any taxing authorities. The treasurer may not serve as convention treasurer during their term of office. The treasurer shall chair meetings in the absence of both the president and the vice president. The treasurer chairs the Budget Committee.

Oversight of the Convention Treasurer shall only extend to insuring that applicable federal, state, and local laws, these Bylaws, Generally Accepted Accounting Practices, and Corporate Financial Policy are adhered to and shall in no other ways override the authority of the convention chairperson. The Corporate Treasurer shall have the right to demand copies of complete financial records from the Convention Treasurer at any time. The Convention Treasurer shall produce the records within a time interval set by the Executive Board.

  Along with maintaining the Corporate books, some of the tasks I'm responsible for as Treasurer are:

  And additionally, some of the things I worked on with the rest of the Eboard to do are:

(Some of these these should be done by the Eboard, while others could be done by knowledgeable Corp members.)

  If I am not elected, I will help the new Treasurer get set up to carry out the job of Treasurer. I will not abandon Arisia at this critical juncture.


    Benjamin Levy

    Arisia Volunteer 1988 - 2018