Shotover Primary School

Postal: 57 Stalker Road, Shotover Country, Queenstown 9304

Phone: 03 409 0005

e-mail: office@shotover.school. 

Web: www.shotover.school.nz 

Facebook: facebook.com/shotoverprimaryschool

Shotover Primary School App: download from App Store or on Google Play

Shotover Primary School currently caters for New Entrant to Year 8 children.  We take pride in the appearance of our school. We are incredibly fortunate to have brand new spaces that were designed with the latest knowledge about learning in mind. You can view a video here that provides you with a better idea of each learning habitat.

We have extensive, up-to-date resources and a committed, highly capable team that make up the Shotover Primary School staff.

Our work at school is important. We want your children to look back and acknowledge that we prepared them well for the future. We are confident in this task because we strive to ensure learning is meaningful. As well as looking to the future, we value the past in making the Wakatipu the place where we live today. We innovate and evaluate new ideas and programmes to assist in a better tomorrow. This commitment is summed up in the essence of our vision statement:

Creating a climate of possibility

In essence this means it is our goal to provide your child/ren with programmes and teaching that will enable learning to occur. We thank you for entrusting us with that privilege.

If you would like any further information please do not hesitate to contact me.

Ben Witheford




Parents or guardians are expected to inform the school of all absences. We can be notified via email office@shotover.school.nz, our School App for IOS or Android or by phoning 03 409 0005. These notifications should be received before 9.30am. The school office will text parents/guardians of children whose absence has not been explained after 9.30 am.  

If your child will be absent for 3 days or more for any reason, you will need to notify the office in writing or by email office@shotover.school.nz. Please include the dates and the reason for his/her absence.


In the event of adverse weather conditions overnight and early morning, the school liaises with the council and road managers and makes a decision as to possible changes to the school day. There are two possible changes to a normal day: the school is closed or there is a delayed start.

Notification: Any changes to the school day will be communicated via our Facebook page, our website, our School App, and on local radio stations (Classic Hits, Q92, More FM, The Breeze).


sKids - Safe Kids in Daily Supervision - provides after-school care. The programme is based on-site at the school. sKids also runs school holiday programmes. Contact Vicki James, phone 03 442 6614 or 021 251 8688, email queenstown@skids.co.nz or shotover@skids.co.nz


The school gathers fortnightly in our hall on Friday at 2.25pm to share news and information and celebrate areas of achievement. These assemblies are a focus of the school. Parents and family are welcome to attend.


Shotover Primary School requires that every individual takes responsibility for their actions. To assist in achieving this, we have a behaviour system that operates throughout the school. If there are ongoing concerns about the behaviour of your loved one, we will contact you.


The Board of Trustees is the school’s governing body. Trustee elections are held every three years. Our current board comprises 5 elected parent representatives, the Principal and staff representative. Meetings are usually held every month and are advertised in the school newsletter. These meetings are open to the public. Chairperson: Sarah Jones, email sarahjones@shotover.school.nz.


There are currently no specified bus routes for Shotover Primary School. However, if your child/ren live more than 3.2km from the school, then you are entitled to receive the Ministry of Education's conveyance allowance. This is a sum of money paid directly to you each quarter to cover transport costs. To apply, fill out this form.

Check this map to see if you are more than 3.2km from the school. If you’re not sure whether you fall inside or outside the zone, please email the office at office@shotover.school.nz and we can check your address against the Ministry's records.


Communicating Learning (traditionally known as ‘reporting’) happens informally and formally throughout the school year - it is an ongoing process. We endeavour to use simple, honest language that communicates your child's progress and achievement to you.  

If you have queries regarding your child's learning and progress, your first point of contact should be their lead Learning Mentor (teacher). Talking about your child’s learning doesn’t need to be an event. You don’t need to wait until a prescribed time of year. We really like this to be an ongoing dialogue.  If you want to arrange a meeting, it’s a good idea to make an agreed meeting time so you can talk - contact the Learning Mentor either face-to-face or via email. Keep in mind that your child may learn with a number of mentors during their normal day, so your child's lead Learning Mentor may wish to gather information to share in the  meeting.


There will be times when you have concerns about aspects of your child’s education, and there will be times when error or confusion arises. On these occasions, it is vital that you direct your concern to the school.  We want to know about and alleviate your concerns. In short, if you like what is happening, tell your friends and neighbours. If you do not, tell us.

Apple, Phone, Cell Phone,


Should you change address, telephone or emergency contact information – even temporarily – please keep the school informed. Accurate information is vital in the event of an emergency. This can be done via the school App.


The Community Oral Health Clinic is located at 19 Douglas Street, Frankton. There is an oral health form in your enrolment pack which you must fill in and return to the school so that your child is enrolled for treatment. Children get free dental care up to the age of 18 years of age. You can contact the clinic on 03 450 9370.


During morning interval and lunchtimes, designated Learning Mentors are on playground duty. There are also staff designated to supervise and provide first aid to the injured, the distressed and, on occasion, the merely upset.


Emergency procedures are practiced each term. Should you be in the school at such a time, please follow instructions from the staff and comply with the relevant procedural practice. Evacuation routes are marked on plans beside exits from all habitats. The assembly point is on the field.


You may enrol your child online via our school website.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions that you have no matter how small they may seem.

Turning Five?

For children who are turning five (and therefore starting school for the first time) you will be contacted approximately one month prior to their starting date to arrange your ​transition visits​ which will usually take place in the two weeks prior to their start day. A transition visit is normally held on a Friday and consists of you and your child arriving at school at 9.00am. Your child will spend the first hour of the day in the learning space while you meet in the staffroom with an AP and any other visiting parents for an informal chat and a chance to ask any questions that you have. The visit is for one hour and please note that we need you to remain on site for this visit.  Children can wear their uniform or their own clothes for the transition visit. Please note we start children on the Thursday following their fifth birthday.

​Transferring between schools?​

For children transferring schools (ie they have attended another school) they can normally begin with us after mutual agreement on a start date, made at the time of enrolment. ​



The school has an enrolment zone. If you live within this zone you are entitled to attend Shotover Primary School, assuming you meet other requirements to attend a New Zealand state school. You can view the map and description here.


The main aim of the FOS is to provide parents with the opportunity to assist the school and further the interests of children through fundraising. Parents are encouraged to attend meetings arranged by this group as every endeavour is made to ensure that they are interesting, school-based and informative. Elections are held at the annual meeting usually in February. Meetings usually occur once a month. The contact email for this group is spsfos@gmail.com.


These annoying little things can appear from time to time.  If you do notice your child has head lice, please treat as soon as possible. Also let the school know so we can advise the parents of other children in your child's habitat and they can then check their hair. Information on head lice and treatment solutions can be found here.


Every student is issued with a safety vest. We encourage all students travelling to and from school to wear their vest and to make this a habit. In particular, we strongly encourage students who are walking, scootering or biking to school to wear their vest daily. At times the vests may be requested/required for school activities off-site if they will assist in keeping children safe.

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This is an age old debate, regardless which side of the fence you sit. One thing is for sure, there will never be agreement amongst everyone. We aim for a clear understanding throughout the school as to what is expected. These expectations are based on our experience, knowledge of the business of family life, and research into both how the brain functions and the benefits or otherwise of homework.

Some practice at home can help a child to consolidate key foundational knowledge, such as basic facts knowledge and the joy of reading for entertainment. It is a way to develop “learning stamina” and, like any form of exercise, benefits from training.

Therefore at Shotover Primary School homework comprises these practices:

Number knowledge: Children will have activities to practise at home that are personalised to their current learning. These activities are designed to help develop speed and recall and will be repeated over time. Children will be monitored for knowledge acquisition over time and activities will be targeted to specific needs.

Daily reading for entertainment: Years 1-3 children will read their book to an adult or older sibling to practise their current goals. It is asked that they are read to daily, also. Years 4-8 need to find a regular time to unwind and enjoy a good book. Families can support their older children by asking them about what they are reading and also reciprocating the conversation by talking about the texts they have been reading as well.

There is a page on the school web site that allows children access to relevant online learning activities should they so wish.


8.55 am: Learning commences

10.10 am: Morning break                

10.30 am: Close of morning break

12.30 pm: Lunch

1.20 pm: Afternoon learning commences

2.55 pm: End of school day for children

The school is open for children to arrive from 8.30am. Please ensure your child is not at school before this time.


Please use this safe area to drop off and pick up your children from school.  Here are our Kiss N Drop Guidelines:


Hell’s Pizza is available on Tuesdays, Pita Pit on Wednesdays and Suma Sushi on Thursdays through Lunch Online. First you need to register, pop money into your account, then you are ready to make an order. You can make orders up until 8.00am on the morning of delivery.  

Friends of the School (FOS) currently run a sausage sizzle on Fridays.  Please email shotoverss@gmail.com for further information.


We run a cash free system but the school has eftpos facilities for your convenience. Sorry - credit cards are not accepted. Payments can also be made online. When doing this please put your child’s name as a reference plus a description of the payment (eg Sally Smith - school fees). Our school bank account number is 12 3405 0008709 00.


When you enrol, your email will be added to our database and you will receive newsletters every fortnight. You can also access all newsletters on our school website on the  ‘information for parents’ page or our school App.


One of our most valuable resources is the parent body of the school. Parents provide vital assistance on trips and camps, with sports teams, in the habitats, on the Board of Trustees and on the Friends of the School. All volunteers are gratefully welcomed.


We have a mobile app that works on iPhone and Android. When you install the app, please make sure you say ‘Yes’ to accepting push notifications. This is a key channel we use to advise parents if we are closed. Please download the app here.


The paying of school fees cannot be made compulsory by any state primary school. Nevertheless, it is a sad fact that fees (in actual fact, a donation) are a necessity for most schools, and we are no exception. Your donation assists us in running the school. It could be used for additional learning opportunities, buying teaching resources and learning assistant support.

Fees are set annually and requested by a donation notice emailed to each family.

Fees Full Year: $80  

Part Year: $20 per term                                                                                  

Please note this donation is subject to a refund through the Inland Revenue Department. The refund is approximately one-third of your donation. More details can be found at www.ird.govt.nz (rebate claim form IR526).


Upcoming events at school can be found on the school website here or the school app in the events and calendar tabs.


Pupils not participating in sport activities are expected to have a note from home or have had a parent contact the school. Appropriate clothing is expected. Teams representing the school should be wearing our school sports uniform. This can be purchased online from Impact Screen Prints - here is the link.


You can email any staff member individually. The standard format is: firstname@shotover.school.nz eg ben@shotover.school.nz.  The office email is office@shotover.school.nz.


School stationery will be charged to your school account as/when required.


During Terms 1 and 4 sunhats must be worn by children when outside. Your child will be provided with a sunhat and a vis-vest on their first day.  If your child loses their hat, a replacement can be purchased from the school office for $13.75.


Every child enrolled at Shotover Primary School must wear the school uniform. The uniform is supplied by Impact Screen Printing. You can view items and prices here. If you wish to try samples, feel free to visit their showroom.

The uniform is made up of:

School beanies are available from the school office for $10. Payment is by eftpos or the cost can be charged to your school account.  We also have a sports uniform - a polo shirt and shorts. This will need to be worn when your child is representing Shotover Primary School in a sport. It is not needed for regular physical activity teaching during a typical school day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I know which size will be suitable for my child/ren?

A: You can try the uniform on at the Impact or Brandland showrooms.

Q: Can my child/ren wear something underneath?

A: Yes, as long it is in keeping with the uniform colours.  

Q: What sort of footwear can my child wear?

A: Suitable and comfortable footwear appropriate to the overall look and style of the uniform.

Q: What sort of socks should my child wear?

A: We are happy with socks that are in keeping with our uniform.

VISITING THE SCHOOL                                                                                            

If you are visiting the school outside the regular start and end of day, please come through the school office. All visitors and contractors working at the school are required to sign in and out through the tablet on the front counter.

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The school website is an active project and should be your first point of call for the latest happenings at school and in your child’s class. The school also maintains an active Facebook page. If you ‘like’ us you will usually be the first to hear about school happenings.