2019 Odyssey Mx

Only Read This If You Have Downloaded The Skins From Discord

I want to start off by apologizing for any inconvenience this has caused but if you have download the the skins from discord you will need to go to your Mx Simulator Personal folder and Delete the Following…

Helmets and Wheels.saf
Aaron Teets.saf
Caleb Hoffman.saf
Connor Wells.saf
Ethan Howell.saf
George Hodkinson.saf
Kyle Howard.saf
Justin Hoffman.saf
Seth Crotty.saf
Tanner Kent.saf

Details On Downloading The New skins

I have made separate download links for my Pro and AM pack and I have only made one download link for the helmets and wheels, so if you want the pro or the am pack you still have to download the helmets and wheels. Please leave the safs in there folders which they were assigned to,  do not join or remove the saf because it might cause problem with see our skins in game.  

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Hope everyone has a good season of racing the rf nationals!!!

Team Riders Only

Naming Of Skins In Game

2019 Bell Odyssey Mx
2019 Fox V3 Odyssey Mx

2019 Fox Flex Air Odyssey Mx
2019 Shift Odyssey Mx
2019 Shift Flo Odyssey Mx

2019 Odyssey Mx Suzuki

Odyssey Mx Black and Dark Red
Odyssey Mx Black and Red