7th grade Art Curriculum at a Glance

 7th grade Art

Students will focus on developing skills which include drawing, painting, ceramics, and collage. They will have the opportunity to experiment and refine skills using a variety of art media. Elements and principles of design will be emphasized in each project. Each Student will be responsible to research an artist of the month.

Week 1-2:  Abstract Name Drawing

Element of Art - Line - value

Week 3: 2 point perspective
Element of Art - Space - value

Weeks 4: Clay - Coil Pots
Element of Art - Form - texture

Weeks 5: Silhouette  
Element of Art - Color- Shape

Weeks 6:  Positive/Negative Space
Element of Art -Space

Weeks 7-8: Mosaic
Element of Art - Texture- shape

Weeks 9: Collab Sculpture
Element of Art - Texture- Form