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This league is to promote basketball in the best interest of the boys and girls, participating in Ikaika Basketball League with good sportsmanship, fair play, and highest level of competition. There will be ZERO tolerance for any misbehavior on players, teams, coach(es), and spectators.  Everybody participating in this league must abide by these rules. If any team that do not comply, they will be dismissed from any league participation.


Based on league conduct, any unsporting technical fouls will not be tolerated, and such offenses are as follows:

League Director and/or Site Director has the right to dismiss any individual, who cannot demonstrate any sportsmanship.


If any coach received a technical foul, “seat belt” rule (seated on the bench) is applied and $10 penalty fine. 2nd technical fouls to coach will result in dismissal from the game and $15 penalty fine.


It is expected that spectators and coaches demonstrate good sportsmanship and will refrain from any trash talking, taunting, fighting, disputes, etc to any individual. Coach(es) is/are responsible for spectator's conducts.

League Director and/or Site Director has the right to dismiss any individual, who cannot demonstrate any sportsmanship.


League Director will review technical fouls to determine if it is unsportinglike or administrative technical fouls.




  1. ROSTER:

Complete and submit all paper work before the first game with league fee.  Players are NOT permitted to double roster with another team within the same division.  No add-on's to roster after 2nd week of season.  Roster must have jersey number associated with player.


The league fee will be based on the number of teams and league format.  Payment must be paid by the first game or earlier.


No refunds will be given once your team has been confirmed and received schedule.

  1. EMAILS:

Please provide at least (2) email addresses to ensure proper notifications.


Each team must provide own (dark and white) uniforms with number on jerseys. No duplicate numbers and NO taping of numbers are permitted. Sharpie pens can remedy the situation, if necessary.

The game schedule does not designate the home or away team. Teams are recommended to have both color jerseys.

If a team has two same colors and non-reversible jerseys, both team will "jan-kan-po" and loser will wear league jerseys and submit $10.00 for washing fee. Teams may not take the jerseys home to wash.

If duplicate numbers have been identified after multiple players entered the game, $10.00 penalty fine will be assessed to the team on each player.


Depends on number of teams.


The game times and sites will be on the schedule. 5 minutes grade period is only for the first game. Game will start at the scheduled time or 3 minutes after the completion of the previous game, whichever comes first.  If games are running more than 10 minutes behind, halftimes will be shorten to ensure games will be on time.


Teams must have at least 4 players to start the game.  If not, Forfeit Procedure will be implemented.

(2) 18-minutes halves, running time until the last (2) minute of the 2nd half (ONLY). If the score is more than 15 points in the last 2-minutes of the 2nd half, the clock will run, until it is 15 points and under.

Clock will stop under these conditions:
        1. Last (2) minutes of the 2nd half,
        2. Last (1) minute of the 2nd half on all successful baskets,
        3. Time outs,
        4. Official and injury time,
        5. Free throw on technical, intentional, and flagrant fouls

Modified High School Federation Rules with some exceptions:
        1. Playing Format (see above)
        2. Bonus: 1-on-1 on the 7th team foul; 2-shots on 10th team foul
        3. (2) time-outs per half
        4. 2-minutes halftime
        5. NO DUNKING or HANGING on RIM/NET is allowed. If violated, Technical foul will be assessed, $10.00 penalty fine, and game ejection. If violated after the game, game suspension on next game. If violated during the pre-game warmups, game suspension will be commenced immediately.
        6. Coaching Box is applied throughout the game (taped on gym floor, when permissible).

        7. Bench Designation - there is no designation of which team is home or away. It will be first come, first basis.
        8. If violation or time-out occurs in backcourt, 10-second count resets.

        9. 30-second shot clock.  Shot clock resets when ball touches any part of the rim, fouls, and change of possession.  Kickball violation is reset to 15-seconds if shot clock goes below 15-seconds.

        10. Ball Advancement. With available timeouts, offensive team may advance the ball from the backcourt to 28' line frontcourt on within the last (59.9) seconds of the 2nd half (or OT) ONLY.  Team cannot advance dribble or pass in the backcourt.  Guidelines and situation plays can be found on the website (click here).

        11. If any Technical fouls are called, automatic points to the offended team, and Point of Interruption (POI) will continue the game.  No Free throws.


Free substitution. No playing requirement will be regulated by the League.


Teams must have at least (4) players to start the game.  If less than (4) players, forfeit procedure is as follows:

Team A vs Tame B - if Team A does not have 4 players to start at scheduled time, the clock will start until Team A has 4 players to start. For every minute elapsed, Team B will accumulate 2-points to the scoreboard. Once Team A has 4 players, the time elapsed and score will continue with a jumpball. In an event that Team A cannot start with 4 players before the end of 1st half, the game will be a forfeit, and the book will be recorded as 2-0

If both teams do not have 4 players to start at schedule time, the clock will start with no points. If Team A has 4 players and Team B has less than 4 players, Team A will accumulate 2-points until Team B has 4 players and will follow the above procedure. If both teams do not have 4 players before the end of 1st half, the game will be a double forfeit, and both teams may scrimmage.

Pulling players from other teams are not permitted unless the game is deemed as a forfeit.

If your team forfeits (2) games, your team forfeits $25.00 sportsmanship refundable fee, and your team will be responsible to provide an additional $25.00 before the next game. For every subsequent forfeit after the first 2 games, your team will need to provide an additional $25.00 for the next game. In other words, do NOT forfeit any games.

Any teams forfeit during playoffs, teams will be assessed $25.00 penalty fee for not fulfilling the season.


1st OT: (2) minutes stop clock with (1) time-out per team (No carryovers).

2nd OT, the first team to score the next 3-points is the winner with no game time. No time-outs during 2nd OT.

Shot Clock will be in effect.


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2 Teams Tie: Head to Head Matchups

2+ Teams Tie: Sum of point differential between common teams. See example below:
TEAMS      2          5          6          TOTAL     RESULT            
    2            -         -5        +6           +1          MIDDLE SEED
    5          +5         -         -11          -6           LOWEST SEED
    6          -6        +11        -            +5          HIGHER SEED



All games contracted out to SAHBO.

If any problems with the officiating, please file a report to League Director within 24 hours to investigate in the situation. If video is provided, please submit a soft copy to League Director.

You may dispute on the decision, but officials have the final word on the call. Any negative comments or badgering to officials regarding judgement calls are not accepted and will not be tolerated.


If players is injured from league play, it is coach's discretion to complete the injury form, which determines the insurance coverage for the league. Medical expenses shall be covered by player’s parents/guardians of the player.

No trainers will be present at these gym sites. Ice packs will be provided if gym management has it available. Basic medical kit will be at all gym sites.


No consumption of alcohol or any types of drugs are permitted before, during, and after the game. This is a DRUG FREE environment.