For Discord and Forum The Rules of Estorica SIMPLIFIED.

A Document on the rules of the Estorica Community in a simplified version.
The full manual can be read here.

v 5.1
Created by Estorica Staff Member Bezyle 9th April, 2018

Opening Statement
We are a laid back community. We have been known to bend our own rules a little bit from time to time, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t follow them. We have put them in place for a reason to ensure the safety and the enjoyment of all of our members here on the forum and discord. We are only here to provide a social experience for those with the common interest/hobby of roleplaying. We don't believe in policing the community. The community can police itself by reporting issues to staff.

With that being said, we have two versions of our rules, a version that is simple and upfront about the main ideas. Then we have our big book of rules. We encourage you to read both, but if you want to get a quick version just to see if you like our rules this is that version in simple terms.
Does that sound like a deal?Good!

Please read below for the rules and guidelines of the Estorica Forum and its discord server, The Orphanage.

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Simplified Rules

  1. Be respectful at all times, to everyone, everywhere. (Don’t be a despicable human being)

  2. Don’t advertise to our members anywhere, for any reason, without talking to staff first (unless you see where we say that it is okay to advertise here)

  3. Don’t have more than 4 players per thread

  4. Don’t jump into threads without communicating with people first

  5. Don’t God-mod, and Don’t Meta-game

  6. Use proper english when roleplaying

  7. If you vanish without saying a word, don’t expect things to be the same when you come back. Anyone can leave a topic they are in for any reason and write themselves out of said topic

  8. Don’t misuse discord channels

  9. Estorica is an 18+ website so you must be at least 18 to be here.

  10. Keep mature content out of the general view

  11. Don’t partake in illegal mature content

  12. Please keep your conflicts private

  13. If you have a problem, talk to staff about it


Staff has the right to police a user if they are not adhering to the the spirit of the community and its rules at anytime for any reason. Actions may include muting, a temporary ban, a permanent ban, and a stern talking too. A reason will be supplied but if it involves multiple infractions a generalized reason may be presented. Ultimately, we are all here to have fun and enjoy the roleplay and setting. We all want to see Estorica grow and set a positive example for what roleplaying could be. Do not get in the way of these two goals and you are welcome here.