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Steps to subscribe to Dada Bhagwan North America Events Calendar - Android
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(If you prefer video instruction then click here)

Step 1.  If you have not added Dada Bhagwan North-America Satsang calendar to your google account, then please do so first by clicking here

Step 2.  We recommend using Google Calendar App. To install Click Here

Step 3.  Open Google Calendar App

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Step 4: Click on Menu on top left

Step 5: Check the check box for the “Dada Bhagwan North-America Satsang”. If you don’t see the calendar, then click on Show more and you will see it.

Step 6: Scroll down in menu and click “Settings”

Step 7: Choose “Dada Bhagwan North-America Satsang

Step 8: Make sure to turn on the Sync by sliding the round blue button to right. On this screen you can also adjust your notification

Step 9: This calendar will benefit you if you add notifications for the events. You can add your choice of notifications like 2 hours before, 15 minutes before, 1 day before etc. You can click on “Add Notification” and choose your option

Step 10: It is also a good idea to choose your choice of color for this calendar events so that you can identify Dada’s events easily on your calendar. You can change the color by click on on Color

Step 11: It is also a good idea to put your calendar on your phone screen using Android Widget options as shown below.

 Step 1: Press on Blank Space anywhere for 2 seconds

                     Step 2: Menu like Wallpaper, Widgets will popup. Select Widgets

      Step 3: Scroll till you find Google calendar widgets as displayed below

      Step 4: Select and keep Pressing on the Calendar widget and then you should be able to drag the calendar to your screen.