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Information Guide for SciPy India 2019 Conference

Dear Participant,

Welcome to SciPy India 2019 conference, a two day conference providing opportunities to spread the use of the Python programming language in Scientific computing community in India. The venue for the conference is Lecture Hall Complex, IIT Bombay campus, Powai, Mumbai. Below are some general instructions & directions to help you during your stay at IIT Bombay.

Reaching IITB from various local stations

IIT Bombay Location:

IITB is in Powai , an eastern suburb in the North-Eastern part of Mumbai.

Full Address of IITB:

Indian Institute of Technology Bombay,

Powai, Mumbai, Postcode 400076,

Maharashtra, INDIA.

Ways to reach IIT Bombay:

1. By Public Transport.

2. By Suburban Railway Transport

1. Public Transport

Mumbai has one of the most efficient and reliable public transport networks. One can travel by auto rickshaws/taxis to reach IITB from the nearest stations. For longer distances, you may use either the ‘BEST’ bus network or Mumbai local trains. Please find the bus numbers  in Table.1 that follows.

Chart for Bus Numbers, Fares & Modes of Transport available:

(Note :  W-West , E-East)




478, 524, C-60, 123


185, 392, 396, 403, 496, 545







Mumbai Central


Sahara Airport

409, 382

Table.1: Bus numbers

2. Suburban Railway Transport:

From Dadar Central to IITB, Powai:

Go to Dadar central line (typically on platform 6 of central line) --> Buy a ticket to Kanjurmarg at the ticket counter located on a level above the platform --> Board a ‘slow’ local train (typically from platforms 3-5) which goes at least upto Thane --> Get down at Kanjurmarg Station (exit from plfm No.1 to Kanjurmarg west) --> Take an auto rickshaw to IITB

From Thane to IITB, Powai:

Buy a ticket to Kanjurmarg (central line) at the local train ticket counter. --> Come to platform 1, 3 or 4 --> Board a ‘slow’ local train which goes upto Dadar/CST --> Get down at Kanjurmarg Station (exit from plfm No.1 to Kanjurmarg west) --> Take an auto rickshaw to IITB

From Bandra Terminus to IITB, Powai:

Go to the Bandra terminus (BDTS), take an auto rickshaw to the Kurla Station --> Buy a ticket to Kanjurmarg (central line) at the local train ticket counter --> Board a ‘slow’ local train (typically from platform No.1) which goes atleast upto Thane --> Get down at Kanjurmarg Station (exit from plfm No.1 to Kanjurmarg west) --> Take an auto rickshaw to IITB

From CST to IITB, Powai:

Buy a ticket to Kanjurmarg (central line) at the local train ticket counter --> Come to the local train terminus (platforms 1-8, right of the long distance terminal) --> Board a ‘slow’ local train (typically from platforms 3-5) which goes atleast upto Thane --> Get down at Kanjurmarg Station (exit from pfm No.1 to Kanjurmarg west) --> Take an auto rickshaw to IITB

From Bombay Central(BCT) to IITB, Powai:

Go to the Bombay Central Terminus (BCT) and walk to the Bombay Central local train --> Buy a ticket to Kanjurmarg (central line) at the local train ticket counter. --> Board a ‘slow’ local train that halts at all stations on the line to Andheri/Borivali --> Get down at Dadar (western) --> Walk over to Dadar (central) using an over-bridge --> Kindly follow the instructions given earlier for Dadar (central) to IITB

From Lokmanya Tilak Terminus (LTT) to IITB, Powai:

From LTT, the most convenient way to reach IITB is to take an auto rickshaw

Mumbai Metro Train is available from Ghatkopar station to Andheri station. You can take an auto rickshaw from Ghatkopar / Andheri to reach IITB.

Instructions to guide you once you reach IITB Campus

IITB Main Gate:

On your arrival at the IITB Main gate, you are requested to go through Security check to enter the campus. Please inform the security officer that you are here to attend the conference. You may show the ticket you got after registration. You may also have to produce an ID proof upon request by the security personnel, to be allowed into the campus. Further, you are also requested to collect a pass/slip from the security, if you are carrying a personal laptop into the campus.

If you arrive at IITB Main gate by an auto rickshaw, taxi or on your own vehicle, you may continue to use the same mode of transport further into the campus, upon completion of Security formalities.  

* Kindly carry the registration-slip/ticket, to enter and also to leave/re-enter the campus during your stay at IIT Bombay.

Please follow the direction signs that shall be put up along the path to these locations.

Reaching the venue Lecture Hall Complex from main gate:

Head towards Gulmohar Bldg (using Main Gate Rd) --> At the first junction (Gulmohar Bldg), turn right --> Walk ahead for ~ 80m (on KV School Rd) --> Enter the gate to your left to reach Infinite Corridor (north-east to the gate) --> Enter the Infinite Corridor, walk straight ahead passing Physics/Chemical Engineering Deptt. --> Walk further for ~ 10m to reach Lecture Hall Complex (LCH) on your left --> Enter LCH and take stairs/lift to 1st floor Foyer. The registration will happen on the 1st floor Foyer


ITB​​ Accommodation:

Participants are allotted rooms in IITB hostels. Hostel 12 and Hostel 13 for males and Hostel 10 and Hostel 11 for​​ females​​. Once​​ you ​​enter​​ ​​campus ​​after​​ completing ​​ ​​security​​ formalities,​ please proceed to the respective hostels. ​​ If you need any assistance please contact us. The contact numbers are given at the end of the document.

Please see the room allocation details for the females here. The males have to go directly to the Hostel 12 / 13 office for the room allocation.

Conference​​ Venue:

For your convenience, ​IITB Main Gate and also the venue ​have been marked for reference. Feel free to contact us (contact details at the end of this document) if you require any assistance in reaching your ​​accommodation​​ or​​ for ​​any ​​other ​​means.

Number ​​Indications​​ on ​​ ​​map:

Hostel​​ Contact ​​details:

In & Around the Campus

Nearby Hospitals, Restaurants, General Stores, ATMs and other Emergency contact numbers.

Information of Hospitals  and Emergency numbers:


  1. Canara Bank and ATM:       At Gulmohar Restaurant (First Floor), Hostel 6
  2. SBI Bank and ATM:            Near Swimming Pool
  3. ICICI ATM:                         Opposite IITB Main Gate

Restaurants and Fast food Centers:

Name of Place


In IITB Campus:

Nescafe (Coffee Shack)

Near the SOM Building


Tea Stall, 1st Floor of the Product Design (PD) cell, IDC

Gulmohar Cafeteria

On the 2nd floor of Gulmohar Building (Opp. H-10)

Staff Canteen

Near the Security Office in Main Building


Near IIT Market

Sunrise Dhaba

Opp. to H1


Near Market Gate

Hostel Canteens

Canteens inside various hostels


Hostel 8

Department Canteens

Available in various departments (generally first floor)


We highly recommend you to carry an e-copy or a print out of the following sheets for handy information

For any queries that you may have, please feel free to call us on:

Vishal Birare -  7506192767

Pravin Ingle -  9819162214/ 9082907878

For Hostel related queries, contact the following people.

Hostel 10 - Pravin - +91-9819162214

Hostel 11 - Pravin - +91-9819162214

Hostel 12 - Vishal - +91-9004637807

Hostel 13 - Anuroop - +91-9967940815

You are requested to maintain the Code of Conduct during the conference. Please read here for details. Smoking and consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited inside the campus. If you are  found violating any rules,  you will not be allowed to attend the event and your registration amount will NOT be refunded and will also not get the certificate for the conference.

You are responsible for the Hostel key given to you. In case you misplace it, the penalty will be recovered from the participant ONLY. If you have taken accommodation for 3 days please note that the check out time of the hostel shall be 1 Dec 2019 10.00 am sharp.


-----        Wish you a safe journey & a pleasant stay. See you soon !     -----