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The intent of this project is  to open up more play options of older characters and create a fun Infinite environment. The intent of this format is largely to be used and balanced around FFG cards, we wanted to make sure the older characters did not remain abandoned. This balance does not take other community content into consideration, but can still be played alongside them Red is new. Black is how it is on current FFG Holocrons.

Balance Of the Force


Admiral Ackbar 9/12        Captain Phasma 10/13        Count Dooku 11/14        Darth Vader 15/18        Finn 11/13        General Grievous 11/15                General Veers 9/12         Han Solo 12/15

 Jabba the Hutt 10/13        Jango Fett 10/13        Kylo Ren 9/12                Leia Organa 10/13        Luke Skywalker 14/17         Padme 9/12        Poe Dameron 16/20                 Quigon Jinn 13/16

Rebel Trooper 7                Tusken Raider 8 

Spirit of Rebellion

Asajj Ventress 9/12         Aurra Sing 13/16         Baze Malbus 12/15        Chewbacca 11/14                 Chirrut Imwe 10/13         Darth Vader 12/15          Death Trooper 9         Director Krennic 12/15         FN-2199 Reverted        IG-88 13/17         Jedi Acolyte 8                Jyn Erso 12/15        

Luminara Unduli 10/13          Mon Mothma 9/12          Obi-wan Kenobi 14/17        

Palpatine 19/28         Royal Guard 8        Rebel Commando 9         Temin “snap” Wexley 8/11

Empire at War
Ahsoka Tano Points reverted to printed (13/17)        Bossk 11/13        Cad Bane 13/16
Grand Inquisitor 14/17        K-2S0 13/18                Kanan Jarrus 9/12        Lando Calrissian 11/14                 Mace Windu 14/17        Magnaguard 8                Quinlon Vos 11/14        Seventh Sister 10/13        

Sabine Wren 16/21         General Hux 10/12        Thrawn 12/15        General Rieekan 11/14



Bib Fortuna 8/11         Boba Fett 11/14         Finn 11/14         Greedo 7/10

Han Solo 9/11                 Hondo Ohnaka 10/14           Kallus 11/14         Luke Skywalker 10/13        Maul 10/14         Obi-wan 14/18                 Palpatine 12/16         Saw Gerrara 12/15        Tarkin 11/14         

Veteran Stormtrooper 8                Wedge Antilles 10/13         Zeb Orrelios 11/14

Anakin Skywalker 9/12        Ketsu Onyo 10/13        Lobot 9/12

Way of the Force

Bo-Katan 13/18                        Count Dooku 13/16                 Fifth Brother 12/15

Force Sensitive outcast 8         General Grievous 13/17         Jabba the Hutt 11/14                 

Jedi Sentinel 9                         Rex 10/13                         Sebulba 9/11         Trusted informant 8

Across the Galaxy 

Bariss Offee 8/11         Commander Cody 9/12                Dryden Vos 15/19        Force Mystic 8                 Kit Fisto 12/15                 Leia Organa 12/15          Quigon Jinn 13/17                 Val 10/13

Tobias Becket 11/14


Asaj Ventress 12/15        Chewbacca 11/13        Dengar 10/13        Enfys Nest 13/17        

K2-S0 10/13                Obi-wan Kenobi 12/16        Kes Dameron 11/14        Ezra Bridger 8/11

Maz Kanata 9/12        Mace Windu 12/15

Spark of Hope

Amilyn Holdo 9/12        Zuckuss 9/12         Old Daka 9/13        Yoda 14/17        C-3P0 Points reverted 8/10

Covert Missions
Anakin Skywalker 13/17                Sinjir Rath Velus
10/13         Elrik Vonreg 12/15        Synara San 11/13
Sabine 9/12                        Torra Doza 11/14        Poe Dameron 12/15        Jedi Knight 11/14

Obi-wan 9/11                Han Solo 10/14        Darth Vader 17/20         Arc Trooper Fives 9/12


Boonta Eve (mission)                Fortify 1        Pre-emptive Strike 2                Stolen Intel 1        United/We Stand 1/ 2                Fateful Companions 3        Send in the troops 3        Choose your Destiny -2
Allies of Necessity -3                Calling in Favors 3                

This section includes a list of groupings of cards that may not be included within the same deck. A player may select one card from any given group for their deck and cannot include the other cards for the same deck. A player may run as many copies of a restricted card as the rules (or card text) allow.

Group 1
Retreat (Awakenings), Hyperspace Jump (Awakenings), Mean Streets (Convergence)

Group 2
Force Speed (Spirit of Rebellion), Palpatine (Convergence)

Group 3
General Rieekan (Empire at War), Jawa Junk Dealer (Covert Missions)

Group 4
Rebel Traitor (Legacies), Order 66 (Spark of Hope)

Group 5
Delve (Legacies), Theed Royal Palace (Across the galaxy), Vader’s Fist (Across the galaxy)

Group 6
Hidden Motive (Rivals), Desperate Measures (Spark of Hope), Trandoshan Hunter (Covert Missions), Face the Enemy (Covert Missions)

Group 7
Resistance Ring (Convergence), No Answer (Convergence)

Group 8
Leia (Way of the Force), Commando Raid (Awakenings)

Group 9
Military Camp (Convergence), C3P0 (Spark of Hope), Droids Day Out (Spark of Hope)

Group 10
Chopper (Spark of Hope), Abandoned Refinery (Covert Missions)

Group 11
Ewok Warrior (Spark of hope), Arena of Death (Way of the Force)

Group 12
Price of failure (Spirit of Rebellion), Admiral (Spark of Hope), Leadership (Awakenings)



                        Errata List
Admiral Ackbar Should Read “After an opponent discards or plays the last card in their hand choose a  character and deal 2 damage to it” 

Leia Organa Should read “Power action: reroll up to 2 of your dice.”

Luke Skywalker Should read “After you activate this character you may draw a card

AWARD CEREMONY         Should read: “Spot a Red character to draw cards equal to the number of exhausted characters you have. Set that many cards from your hand aside.”

HYPERSPACE JUMP Should read: ““End the action phase. You may switch the battlefield with the battlefield that is not being used. Set this card aside instead of discarding it ”

IT’S A TRAP This card no longer has Ambush and should read: “Choose a symbol showing on an opponent’s die. Then turn up to 2 of your Red dice to sides showing that symbol.”

SECOND CHANCE Should read: “Yellow character only. Before attached character would be defeated, instead heal 5 damage from it and set this upgrade and all copies of this card in your hand, deck, discard pile, or in-play aside.

SITH HOLOCRON Should read: “ I - Set this upgrade aside to play a Blue Ability upgrade onto the attached character, reducing its cost by 4 and ignoring play restrictions.”

STRATEGIC PLANNING Should read: “Ready a support that has no mods or exhaust a support.”

DEFENSIVE POSITION Should read “Play only if you control the battlefield.

Remove up to 2 of an opponent's dice showing a value of 2 or higher.”

Spirit of Rebellion

AFTERMATH Should read: “After a character is defeated, you may exhaust this support to gain 1 resource.”

AMMO BELT Should read: “Before a weapon upgrade on attached character would be discarded by a card effect, you may discard this upgrade instead.”

Baze Malbus Should read: “Special: Deal 1 damage to each of an opponent’s characters or 2 damage to 1 of your opponent’s characters.”

FAST HANDS Should read: “Yellow character only. After you activate attached character, you may resolve one of its character or upgrade dice.

IG-88 Should Read: Special: Play a Yellow weapon or equipment from your discard pile on this  character, decreasing its cost by 2 or gain 1 resource”

IMPERIAL INSPECTION Should read: “After one of your dice rolls a disrupt, you may set this support aside to return an upgrade in play that costs 2 or less to its owner’s hand.”

LONG CON Should read: “Gain 1 resource for each other copy of this event in your discard pile.”

OUTER RIM SMUGGLER Should read: “The first time each round you play the last card from your hand, gain 1 resource.”

Palpatine Should Read “After you resolve this die, force an opponent to deal 2 damage to their character’s distributed as they wish, or 3 instead if you have no dice showing damage(including this die).

VIBROKNIFE Should read: “Ambush. Damage dealt by this die or by dice it modifies is unblockable.”

GUARD Should read: “Remove one of your Blue dice showing melee damage to force an opponent to choose and remove a number of dice equal to the value of the die you just removed.”

FORCE SPEED Should read: “Blue character only. Special - Take an additional action or spend 1 resource to take up to 2 additional actions”

FRIENDS IN HIGH PLACES Should read: Play only if you have dice showing a combined value of 7 or more. Look at the top 3 cards of your deck. You may play one of those cards reducing it’s cost by 3. Discard the cards you don't play.”

Empire at War

Ahsoka Tano Should Read “After you activate this character for the first time each round, you may spend resources equal to the number of upgrade dice you just rolled to ready her.”

Bossk Should Read“after you activate this character, you may move 1 damage from a card to another card in play”        

CIENA REE Should read: “Power Action - Spend 2 resources to ready a vehicle.”

Grand Inquisitor Should Read:“Special: Deal 2 damage to a character, then you may remove one of  attached character’s character dice showing a blank”

HEAT OF BATTLE Should read: “Choose an opponent. That opponent turns up to 2 of their dice to sides showing damage. Turn up to 2 of your dice to sides showing damage.”

Hera Syndulla Should Read: “Play a vehicle from your hand or discard pile for free. After the action phase ends, if that vehicle is still in play, return it to your hand.”

K-2S0 Should Read Increase the cost of the first weapon you play on this character by 1. After you play or move a weapon onto this character for the first time each game, ready him.”

RUNNING INTERFERENCE Should read: “After you take an action, you may set this support aside to choose an opponent. That opponent cannot take the same action that you just took on their next turn.”

Buy Out Should Read “Spend up to 3 resources. Then discards cards from the top of an opponent's deck equal to the number of resources you just spent.”


MAUL’S LIGHTSABER Should read: “Blue character only. Power Action - If an opponent has no shields on all of their characters, spend 1 resource to roll this die into your pool.”

Luke Skywalker Should Read “Power action: Spend up to 2 resources to resolve one of this character's character or upgrade dice, increasing its value by the number of resources just spent.”

Ways of the Force

Boss Nass Should read: “After you roll a gungan or artillery die into your pool deal 1 indirect if that die just rolled a blank.”

SNOKE Should read: “Power Action - Deal 1 damage to another one of your characters to resolve one of its character dice showing damage , increasing its value by 2.”

DarkSaber  “Redeploy Before you resolve this die, increase it’s value by 1 if attached character is 14 or more points, or by 2 instead if attached character is 17 or more points”

Home Turf Advantage: Should read: “Bring 2 battlefields to the game. During Setup, the battlefield must be selected from the 2 you brought to the game, then the player that chose the battlefield takes control of the battlefield.

Across the Galaxy
THEED PALACE Should read: “Power Action - Remove one of your dice to gain 1 resource. Spot a neutral character to take one additional action.”

ARMORED REINFORCEMENT Should read: “Action - Set this plot aside to search your deck or discard pile for a Red vehicle support and play it, decreasing its cost by 1. If you searched your deck, shuffle it.”

Savage Opress Should Read: “You must activate this character as your first action each round, if  able, unless you pay 1 resource or spot Maul”


FORCE STORM Should read: “Blue character only. I - Exhaust this upgrade to place 1 resource on it. Deal damage to a character equal to the number of resources on this upgrade. Reroll this die instead of removing it.”

LATT GUNSHIP Should read: “Blue character only. I - Roll a trooper die on one of your cards in play into your pool and resolve it. Otherwise, remove it. Reroll this support’s die instead of removing it.”

WAT TAMBOR Should read: “Power Action - Play a Red support from your hand (paying its cost). Then roll that support’s die into your pool.”

WATTO First ability should read: “This character’s character dice cannot be removed by opponents’ Blue events.”

Spark of Hope
C-3PO Should read: “After you activate this character, you may resolve one of this character’s character or upgrade dice, increasing its value by 1 if you spend 1 resource or spot R2-D2.”

Fateful Companion Should Read: “After you activate a character, you may set this plot aside and either spot R2-D2 and C-3PO or spend 1 resource to trigger that character's "After you activate this character" ability one additional time.”

Chopper Should read: “Power action: Play a mod from your hand on this character decreasing it’s cost by 1.”


Anakin Skywalker Should Read: “After you activate this character, deal 1 damage to him and 1 unblockable damage to another character. Then, if that character was just defeated, flip this character.

Luke Skywalker Seeking the Path Should Read: “After the upkeep phase ends, if this character has 3 or more shields and 3 or more Blue upgrades with dice, you may spend 2 resources to flip him.”

CAPTURED Action should read: “Action – Flip this downgrade and its controller gains 1 resource. Only attached character’s controller may use this ability.”

UNITED Second paragraph should read: “After an opponent removes one of your dice, you may roll it into your pool. Then set this plot aside, or if it’s elite, flip it instead.”

Choose your destiny Should read Infinite format only. Choose 3 sets. You can only include other cards on your team and in your deck from those sets.

After you play a card, if you played cards from all 3 sets this round, flip this plot.
Two Player game, Rivals, Allies of Necessity and Transformations are considered 1 set for the purpose of this plot”

I Will Not Turn Errata Your dice cannot be turned by opponents.

Before the round ends, gain 1 resource.

After an opponent plays a card, if they played cards from 3 different sets this round, flip this plot.

Two Player game, Rivals, Allies of Necessity and Transformations are considered 1 set for the purpose of this plot”

                                        Character Subtypes

Admiral Ackbar (Leader)         Bala-Tik(Leader, Scoundrel)        

Captain Phasma (Leader Trooper)        Count Dooku (Sith)                Darth Vader (Sith)        

Finn (Trooper,Scoundrel)        First order StormTrooper (Trooper)        General Grievous (Leader)
General Veers (Leader,
Pilot)                Han Solo (Scoundrel, Pilot)        Hired Gun (Scoundrel)

Jabba the Hutt (Scoundrel, Leader)        Jango Fett (Bounty Hunter)        

Kylo Ren (Apprentice)                Leia Organa (Leader)                Luke Skywalker (Jedi)                Nightsiser (witch)                Padawan (apprentice)                Padme Amidala (Leader)

Poe Dameron (Pilot)                Qui-Gon Jinn (Jedi)                Rebel Trooper (Trooper)        

Rey (Scavenger)                Tusken Raider (Scavenger)

Spirit of Rebellion

Asajj Ventress (Apprentice)        Aurra Sing (Bounty Hunter)        Baze Malbus (Guard)
Chewbacca (Scoundrel, Wookie)        Chirrut Imwe (Guard)        Darth Vader (Sith, Apprentice)

Death Trooper (Trooper)        Director Krennic (Leader)        FN-2199 (Trooper)

Guavian Enforcer (Scoundrel)        IG-88 (Bounty Hunter, Droid)                Jedi Acolyte (Jedi)
Jyn Erso (Scoundrel)                Luminara Unduli (Leader, Jedi)        

Maz Kanata (Scoundrel,pirate)        Mon Mothma (Leader)        Obi-wan Kenobi (Jedi)

Outer Rim Smuggler (Scoundrel)        Palpatine (Leader, Sith)        Rebel Commando (Trooper)Royal Guard (Guard)        Temmin “Snap” Wexley (Pilot)        Tie Pilot (Pilot)        

Unkar Plutt (Scavenger)

Empire at War

Ahsoka Tano (Leader)        Baze Natel (Advisor)                Bossk (Bounty Hunter)

Cad Bane (Bounty Hunter)        Ciena Ree (Pilot)        Ezra Bridger (Scoundrel, Spectre)
Gamorrean Guard (Guard)        General Hux (Leader)             General Rieekan (Leader)

Grand Inquisitor (Inquisitor)        Hera Syndulla (Pilot, Leader, Spectre)

Jedi Instructor (Jedi)                K-2S0 (Droid)                Kanan Jarrus (Jedi, Spectre)
Lando Calrissian (Scoundrel)                Mace Windu (Jedi Leader)        MagnaGuard (Droid, Guard)

Quinlon Vos (Apprentice)        Rookie Pilot (Pilot)        Sabine Wren (Spectre)
Servant of the Darkside (Scavenger)                Seventh Sister (Inquisitor)        Thrawn (Leader)
Wookie Warrior (Wookie)

Two Player Game
Captain Phasma (Leader, Trooper)        Kylo Ren (Apprentice)                

Poe Dameron (Pilot, Leader)                Rey (Apprentice)

Bib Fortune (Advisor)                Dark Advisor (Advisor)        Jedha Partisan (Partisan)

Jedi Temple Guard (Jedi, Guard)        Kallus (Trooper, Leader)        Rebel Traitor (Scoundrel)

Luke Skywalker (Apprentice)                Maul (Scavenger, Sith)        Rose (Engineer)

Mother Talzin (Leader)

Anakin (apprentice)        Jawa Scavenger (Jawa,
Scavenger)        Ketsu Onyo (Bounty Hunter)
Lobot (Advisor)

Way of the Force
Force Sensitive Outcast (Scavenger)                Trusted Informant (Scoundrel,

Across the Galaxy
Leia Organa (Scoundrel,
Bounty Hunter)                Savage Opress (Nightbrother, Apprentice)