2019 MCDA Calendar of Events (revised 4.28.19)

When and Where



Point Person

February 10th


Metamora Historical Society

Mid-Winter Meeting

Safety –

Carol Becker & Terry Pickett

Tricia Cecile

(Social Committee)

March 24th

At Horseshoe Acres

1 pm to 3 pm

Handy Horse

De-Spooking and Build It

Rein board

Horses: Remy, Bailey, Gym

Astrid Joergens (Julie Kinzie, Carol Becker & Brian Robertson)

 Sat.May 11th,

Windrush Farm

Spring Fling

Various opportunities to improve your driving

Alicia Pierce and carriage driving pros

June 21st-23rd

Windrush Farm



North American Preliminary Championship

Barb Chapman & Darlene Daly

June 23th-24th

Windrush Farm

Dana Bright Clinic

Private lessons and auditing

Barb Chapman & Darlene Daly

and Linda Piette

July 12th - 14th

Windrush Farm

Tracey Morgan Clinic

“Driving for All”

Private Lessons and auditing

Julie Hopp and Linda Piette

Saturday, July 20th

(location TBD)

Progressive Drive

Structured progressive drive with 3-4 stops

Astrid Joergens & Mari Yancho (Diane Kangas, Alicia Pierce)

Aug 10th (Rain date Aug 11th)

Cindi Beaufait’s farm


Social activity

(no Horses)

Cindi Beaufait

(Carol Becker & Social Committee)

Labor Day weekend

Aug 30th - Sept 1st, Windrush

Tracey Morgan Clinic

“Driving for All”

Private lessons and auditing

Julie Hopp & Linda Piette

Saturday, Sept, Oct

Stump Lane Farm

Trek Drive

Drivers’ Tests and cross country

Mari Yancho

(Alicia Pierce)

Sat., Nov. 9th , 6pm

Lapeer Country Club

MCDA  Annual Meeting

Meeting, dinner, auction

Tricia Cecile

(Social Committee)

Saturday, December 7th

Metamora’s Horses Only Wassail Parade

Need representation

Astrid Joergens

Carol Becker