Jamie Mathieson

A message from Jamie:

Hello, My name is Jamie Mathieson,

I am a graphic artist, Animator and Illustrator who has worked in the art industry for over fifteen


I am a graduate of the Vancouver Film School with degrees in Graphic design and Classical

Animation . I have been teaching children illustration and character design for over five years In

Vancouver , Toronto as well as recently in England .I have worked on several animated cartoons such as “Sponge Bob Square Pants” ,”My Little Pony” and “ Transformers “ to name a few . As well I have done work on several published comic books and novels.

In this course I will be teaching Character Designing the way it is taught and used by professional animators and illustrators . It will be a six week course beginning with drawing the face up words to the body with different poses and movement using various popular cartoon characters as seen today as well as learning to draw Animals , Aliens and some original ones created by myself .

If you want to learn to draw and create characters as seen in your favourite cartoons and comic

books and eventually design one of your OWN , then join today for a fun action packed time

full of fun and creativity .

Ages 6 -13