Little Elkhart Chapter of Trout Unlimited

Meeting Minutes – October 11, 2017

Meeting Attendees

Mike Beachy                Keith Loutzenhiser        Leonard Gustin               John Hollister                          Jim Phillips                        Wayne Andrews              Penny Myers            Bill Myers          

Nick Christofeno              Don Fiwek                        George Trueblood   Tom Vanderputten  


Meeting Minutes

The minutes from the last meeting (September 13, 2017) were approved.

Fishing Reports

 Treasurer’s Report



LECTU Conservation

Robert Shane

Gene Strohallen

Heartland Fly Fishing Expo

Fort Wayne 3RFF Show

Brown Trout Stocking

IU Fly Fishing Club

Andrew Weiner

LECTU Elections

President – Mike Beachy

Vice-President – Leonard Gustin

Secretary – Tom Vanderputten

Treasurer – Joe King

Financial Auditor – Lee Troyer

1st year Director – Keith Loutzenhiser

2nd year Director – John Hollister

3rd year Director – Jim Phillips

President – Mike Beachy

Vice-President – Nick Christofeno

Secretary – Tom Vanderputten

Treasurer – Keith Loutzenhiser

Financial Auditor – Lee Troyer

1st year Director – Don Fiwek

2nd year Director – Leonard Gustin

3rd year Director – John Hollister

New Business

Raffle Tickets

Casting for Recovery

Next Meeting -  November 8th at 7:00 PM at the Middlebury Library

Tom Vanderputten - Secretary