Networked Learning Research Events  

This year we have launched a new initiative to help foster Networked Learning research and  stimulate collaboration and networking in-between the main conference events. The idea  behind the initiative is for Networked Learning researchers to propose and host focused  research events to spark collaboration and conversations on emerging trends in Networked  Learning.  

This year we kick-off with two events:  

● The Malta Forum offers a space to debate open education practices, peer learning  and value creation. This event is hosted by Maria Cutajar, Pen Lister and James  Calleja, University of Malta. (20th and 21st May, 2021)  

hanfod.NL is aimed to seed a vibrant community of phenomenological enquiry in the  context of networked learning. This event is hosted by Mike Johnson and Felicity  Healey-Benson, Cardiff, Wales (10th and 11th June, 2021)  

These events are free to attend and we hope that many will participate.  

We are very grateful to Mike Johnson and Felicity Healey-Benson and Maria Cutajar, Pen  Lister and James Calleja to help develop this new Networked Learning initiative and promote  their events in the Networked Learning community.  

Besides stimulating networked learning research, we also hope that the outcomes of these  events will help develop conference contributions and attract new members to our research  community.  

Future Networked Learning Research Events  

To support similar initiatives in the future the co-chairs of the Networked Learning  Conference will make seed funding (up to 5000 Euro) available to help host such events.  The events should take place in the odd years between the Networked Learning  conferences, and are preferably to be held around May/June.  

Keep an eye out for a call for new Networked Learning Research Events, by signing up for  our newsletter.  

What is the Networked Learning conference  

Since 1998 the biennial Networked Learning Conference has been an opportunity to  participate in a forum for the critical examination and analysis of research in networked  learning – particularly in Higher Education and lifelong learning. Networked Learning has  become a broader area of inquiry over the years bringing together research in education and  organisations spanning formal and informal learning settings. It is a conference that has  been particularly concerned with critical perspectives, theory, pedagogical values, analysis,  practice based research and designs for learning. The focus of the conference has been  research and practice that addresses relational and interactional aspects of learning and

development with an emphasis on dialogical learning, collaborative and cooperative learning  and learning in social networks.  

The next conference will be held May 16-18th May in Sundsvall, Sweden hosted by Mid Sweden University and co-organised with Jimmy Jaldemark, Peter Mozelius, Marcia  Lindqvist Håkonsson, Lena-Maria Öberg and Nina Bonderup Dohn.  

Learn more, connect and engage  

If you are interested in Networked Learning, we recommend to visit our Networked Learning  Conference website where all papers from previous conferences are available. Also check  out a recent issue of the journal Postdigital Science and Education (vol 3, issue 2). This  issue contains two open access papers specifically on what characterises Networked  Learning. The first is a co-authored article discussing the history of the field, as well as  presenting a contemporary attempt to re-define Networked Learning. The other is a  collective response to this article by 50+ authors commenting on the re-definition, and the  field of networked learning more generally.  

Networked Learning (2020): Inviting Redefinition:  

Networked Learning (2021): A Community Definition: 

How to connect with the Networked Learning Community  

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Networked Learning Co-chairs  

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