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  1. Authority

      SC 801, 803

      Pol. 006

The Board shall, by an affirmative vote of a majority of the full Board, provide resource materials that implement, support and enrich the educational program of district schools.

2.        Definition         


Resource materials shall include nonfiction and fiction books, magazines, reference books, supplementary titles, multimedia and digital materials, software and instructional material.

  1. Delegation of


      SC 803

The Superintendent or designee shall be responsible for the recommendation of all resource materials.  No adoption or change of materials shall be made without the Superintendent’s recommendation, except by a two-thirds vote of the Board.

      Pol. 105.1

The Superintendent or designee shall establish administrative regulations for the selection of resource materials.

A list of resource materials provided by the district shall be maintained by the Superintendent or designees and shall be available to Board members, district staff, students, parents/guardians and community members.

Materials may be renewed. Patrons are urged to return items on time, considering the needs of others. Patrons will be required to pay for lost or damaged books; failing to do so will result in the loss of library privileges.


School Code – 24 P.S. Sec. 801, 803, 807.1

Board Policy – 000, 006, 105.1, 610

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