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In ARResT/Interrogate [arrest.tools/interrogate], we put together a bioinformatics platform with features and functionalities for wide-ranging immunoprofiling. It can process and annotate raw sequencing data for multiple types of IG/TR rearrangements, store and retrieve results and reports, enable multiple queries on data and metadata, visualise, provide access to full sequences  and enable their detailed analysis - under one interactive web browser-based interface.

It is the result of collaborative efforts within the EuroClonality-NGS Working Group [euroclonalityngs.org] of ESLHO [eslho.org], focused on developing, standardizing and validating in vitro assays and bioinformatics for IG/TR NGS analysis towards a wide variety of applications, many with their own needs: basic research, technology development,, diagnostic and clinical, MRD and clonality assessment and monitoring, repertoire studies. More on activities and protocols in the ‘EuroClonality’ tab.

The user interface is organised in ‘panels’ and ‘tabs’ (e.g. you’re now in panel ‘HQ’, tab ‘intro’). Most of the documentation exists as hover-over tooltips under ?s and messages across the platform. It’s highly advisable to click around after loading the ‘demo’ (blue button in ‘file’ panel), incl. after switching to the ‘advanced’ user mode (top left).

In case of trouble, email us with as many details as possible, what you were doing and if the issue persisted after a fresh start

 - screenshots are invaluable, even if the app has crashed and is grayed out - use any tool you like, for example mrcoles.com/full-page-screen-capture-chrome-extension

Be aware that slow/firewalled networks and computers might affect stability and performance - try alternatives, talk to your IT, and/or email us for advice and help.

The ARResT team,