Tairangi School Procedure Statement


        NAG 4 Self Review

The following procedures are to be followed by the school:

  1. Implementation documents will be developed for the following curriculum areas:
  1. Implementation documents will only be developed for curriculum statements which are in final form.
  2. As implementation documents are developed further they will show school-wide coverage of each curriculum area at each level, location of resources, how each curriculum area will be taught, assessment items and a sample plan.
  3. Copies of implementation documents will be given to all teachers.
  4. The content of implementation documents will be reviewed regularly.
  5. All syndicates and all teachers will follow the implementation documents giving priority to literacy and numeracy.
  6. A school curriculum plan will be published each year.  It will identify goals and targets for each of the essential learning areas.  The annual curriculum plans will be followed by teachers and syndicates.
  7. Senior staff members will report to the Principal about how the implementation documents and curriculum plans are being followed.
  8. The Principal will report to Board of Trustees regarding implementation and delivery of the curriculum.

File:curricimplement14.doc        Procedure Statement -  Curriculum Implementation