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In a world increasingly dominated by huge tent-pole films, independent voices are more vital to our culture, and more in need of support, than ever before. Portland Film Festival brings diverse voices together like no other festival in the state. We host world-famous guests and our #FutureFilmmakers program with the Boys & Girls Club of Portland gives educational experiences to underprivileged children.

Why Volunteer?
The Festival has always been dependent on the energy and support of our volunteers. Volunteers are the lifeblood to our operation, because frequently they are film lovers and filmmakers too. We need volunteers before, during and after the Festival as well as year round to support our community outreach programs.

Top 4 Volunteer Needs:

LIst of All Volunteer Opportunities:

Film Submission & Traffic!

Communication: Communicate and support pre-screening of submitted films to the Festival. Knowledge of Google forms, email, numbers.

Submissions: Track and support filmmakers with password, login and submission questions.

Pre-screener Invitations & Follow: Confirm pre-screeners are watching films and email to confirm.

Traffic: Once films are included in the Festival, help manage the process of incoming films and scheduling.

Social Media/PR: Advertise the festival!

Newsletters: Create newsletter content and send out to readers once a week.

Social Media: Will manage and keep the Portland Film Festival Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter active with events leading up to and during the festival. You will take or be in charge of collecting images and stories to post regularly.

Event Notifications: Will create events on Facebook, MeetUp, and Eventbrite.

Wordpress Wizard: Help manage the Wordpress site.

Street Team: Staple, tape, and/or find bulletin boards to hang posters and brochures all over Portland!

Volunteer: Help those involved in PR.

Sponsors: Find Sponsors for the festival!

Lead: Will manage all the Development Volunteers.

Sponsor Recruiter: Cold call sponsors, manage relationships, obtain commitments.

Swag Acquisition: Cold call partners seeking shwag, manage relationships, obtain commitment.

Volunteer: Help those involved in Sponsors.

Parties/Events: Organize the Parties/Events for the festival!

Opening/closing night's parties: Organize, host, and manage the parties for opening and closing nights. Put together volunteer needs for each party.

Nightly receptions and after parties: Organize, host, and manage the nightly receptions and after parties. Put together volunteer needs for each party.

Speed Networking: Organize, host, and manage the speed networking events. Put together volunteer needs for each event.

Sponsor Events: Organize, host, and manage the sponsor events. Put together volunteer needs for each event.

Volunteer: Help those involved in Parties/Events.

Festival Workshops: Organize the workshops during the festival!

Recruiting Speakers: Contact and recruit speakers that are involved in film.

Creating Compelling Topics: The name says it all.

Volunteer: Help those involved in the Workshops.

Hospitality: Help create a stellar experience for our filmmakers & VIPs

Transport: Pick people up and drop them off at the airport, drive people around as necessary and/or or hire drivers.

Bartenders: Serve beer in our VIP lounge and theater!

Swag Bags: Help find donations for our Portland made swag bags and showcase how crafty & creative our city is!

Welcome Packets: Help edit, copy and produce welcome & itinerary packets for our attendees.

VIP Lounge: Maintain an orderly and inviting atmosphere for our VIP pass holders

Venue Captain: Manage the flow of hospitality needs at our location.

Operations: Assist with the flow of behind the scenes action by coordinating with hospitality director. Facilitate production needs at event venues.

Volunteer: Help those involved in Hospitality.

Photographer/Videography: Take pictures and video of the workshops, festival, and parties to use for current and future advertisement!

Supervise Camera Ops: Manage onsite photographers.

Supervise Video Ops: Manage Onside Videographers.

Assist with Interviews and Q&A's: The name says it all.

Volunteer: Help those involved in the categories above.

Production/AV: Set up the show!

Set up the equipment needed for the photo/video ops, theatre, workshops, and parties. This job must have knowledge of the equipment.

Merchandise: Sell our swag!

Online Store: Manage the online store.

Merchandise Sales: Sell the merchandise (hats, shirts, totes, etc.) at the merchandise booth at the festival.

Volunteer: Help those involved in Merchandise.

Tickets: Sell the Festival!

Group/Partner Sales: Sell tickets, passes, and workshops for the festival.

Websales Manager: Insures online sales are functional and shared with partners, sponsors, filmmakers.

Pass Manager: insure passes are properly prepared and delivered to attendees, special guests, sponsors & filmmakers.

System Trainer: trains volunteers on how to use pass system, scanners, walk-ups.

Volunteering: Find more people to work on the festival!

Volunteer Recruiter: Set up events, advertise events and openings.

Volunteer Trainer: Teach volunteers how to do their jobs.

Volunteer Assigner: Speak to potential volunteers, learn their interests, get them in touch with leads.

Front of House/Warm Hands: Help us when we need you in the front!

Lead: Will manage all the front of house volunteers and any questions/issues that arise.

Back of House/Warm Hands: Help us when we need you in the back!

Lead: Will manage all the back of house volunteers and any questions/issues that arise.

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